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Submitted by Amanda Romania on 08/06/2023

5 out of 5 stars

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I have had three readings with Amanda and have come away from each one amazed at her gifts. The first thing I notice is her beautiful, warm and compassionate energy touching me, holding me in what feels like a Divine embrace. She sees all of you without judgment and helps you navigate even the most painful places in the most gentle way. Her messages come through like poetry. In the moment I may not always understand them, but when I look back at my notes, like poetry, more of their essence is revealed. She also offers practical, real-world advice to help you on your path. I would recommend her guidance to anyone in search of clarity or healing. I believe her to be a blessing to each life she touches Kristin

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The teacher that I had been seeking for in this life time

Amanda Romania was the teacher that I had been seeking for in this life-time.  For many years on my spiritual journey I was constantly learning and experienced many spiritual encounters. It wasn't until I became a student in one of Amanda's classes that she taught me how to connect the dots and make the connection to the language that my soul was calling for.  She teaches in a way that is so easy to grasp; yet  she's with you as a guide ensuring me as a student... to ask any questions with ease!!!  Amanda is a Gifted Teacher!!!I've gained so much confidence and I'm using the tools that I've learned with Amanda Romania, in my Spiritual Practice and Daily Life.Thank you  Amanda (Great  Galactic Teacher!!!)Isis ... Raleigh NC

Submitted by Isis on 06/04/2023