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New Earth High-Frequency Activation Webinar

New Earth High-Frequency Activation Webinar

Join Wayshowers Shekina Rose & Keleena Malnar for an extraordinarily heartfelt and powerfully activating webinar. 

This webinar welcomes all Empaths, Starseeds, Sensitive Souls, WayShowers, Lightworkers, Grid Workers, and anyone on their journey of Awakening for the "Divine Angelic Human."

Both Shekina and Keleena assist all souls in their awakening journey. As super-sensitive Blue Ray empaths, both experience days when silence, rest, and peace are much needed to integrate the changes occurring within the bodies as their sensitivity levels heighten with each new shift in frequency. 

Both understand through their own experiences and utilize their wisdom as wayshowers to assist you, whether you are super sensitive or newly experiencing sensitivity with your awakening and transformation.

What can you expect from the Language of Light Activations, Upgrades, and Channelings? Click the link to learn more and to register:  


Many blessings ~Keleena

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