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The Lies of Ascension

The Lies of Ascension

The process of ascension or enlightenment is about expanding your consciousness and personal development. You’re here to master the three lower planes of existence, the Physical, mental and emotional planes.

Since you’ve been incarnating on the earth you’ve been working toward the process of raising your awareness of what and how you create on the lower planes. You are co-creating every second of your life, there’s never a moment that you are not creating. 

As a human, you have been taught to blame others instead of taking full responsibility for your life, both the good and the bad. You can blame God, the government, your ex, the weather, this list can go on and on. Blaming others keeps you in the victim archetype, where so many feel at home.

When you become the victim you’re actually deceiving yourself and that will be detrimental to your Ascension Process.

Deception is a natural occurrence in humans. We all lie, whether we tell big lies or little ‘white’ lies or we rationalize why the lie was OK. Some people don’t even realize that they’re lying!

You lie to protect yourself. If you feel unsafe, you lie. Some of you will lie at work, so they look good and others may to lie to make people feel better.  Politicians and teenage girls lie to be more popular and young children lie so they don’t get into trouble.

Humans lie because we are programmed to deceive our prey. Since our bodies are animals we have the R-complex which is the part of our brain that protects us with the fight, flight, freeze and hide response.

Your first reaction, when faced with possible attack or feelings of uneasiness, is to react with deception so you can stay safe. 

Animals deceive their prey in the wild, like the butterfly that has wings that look like eyes, rabbits that blend in with the snow or brush. It’s part of life here on earth, we deceive to protect ourselves. Humans take this deception to a whole new level since we have a more complex psyche. 

The fear you have will dictate how often and who you lie to. The bigger the fear the more likely you will be deceptive. You may deceive someone because you fear you may not fit in or be liked or so you won’t get in trouble or you hide a mistake you made. All these reasons come down to one thing, the fear of being kicked out of your tribe. Your tribe is your work, home, community, school, etc. You feel safer when you belong to a tribe.

It doesn’t matter if you lie to others, it only matters if you lie to yourself.

What I mean by this is if you lie to yourself it is your ego doing the lying and you are stuck in the energy of self-deception. It’s similar to hiding energy or the shadow side of enlightenment because you are hiding the truth.

Self-deception is the opposite of enlightenment.

The ego fabricates its idea of self and its desire to preserve that self is why the ego uses deception to keep you locked into the deception of this world.  You see, deception is what the earth is made of.

If this world is an illusion than you deceive yourself when you believe that you can’t change your life and world.

You deceive yourself in so many ways and this is actually detrimental to your consciousness and ascension. Have you been deceiving yourself that it’s OK how someone in your life is treating you? Do you find that you make excuses for others actions even when it goes against what you know is true for yourself?

There are so many ways and times you lie to yourself. The lie shows up in your life when you say, it’s OK to sacrifice yourself for love or that you need a paycheck more than happiness or that you have to stay with your spouse or partner. Deceptions show up in all areas of your life and when you start to recognize those deceptions you begin to gain back your spiritual power.

When you are lying to yourself about anything that will interfere with your spiritual evolution. You are not listening to your soul’s voice while buying into the egos need for deception.

If you are truly looking to raise your vibration, open to your higher consciousness and heart it’s time for you to get real about the deceptions you tell yourself.

This is about personal accountability. When you become accountable for the lies you tell yourself or the deception your ego lulls you into, you are missing out on an important understanding of the earth plane.

The Earth Plane is an illusion and it is all deception and lies.

You also want to look at when you have bought into other’s deceptions. If you know your own core values and truths but you buy into someone’s deception you are not honoring your higher truth. For example, when my daughter was about 10 years old the doctor told me I should give her the flu shot because she had a weakened immune system.

My truth was that I didn’t want to give her the vaccine because of her weakened immune system. The doctor was awfully convincing. As I was driving my daughter back to school she said “Mommy, do you think I should get the flu shot?” My answer was “I don’t know honey”.

I was seriously thinking I should do it! When I got home in my own space and quieted down, I was fully aware of what really happened there! I was buying into the doctor’s deception. That was not my truth! My truth was that I had a wonderful understanding of how to boost the immune system and that I trusted my daughter’s body to know what to do to help itself more than I trusted big pharmaceutical companies!

For a moment. I bought into the doctor’s truth, but it was not my truth. This was so liberating, and I felt more powerful. In all actuality, I was giving my power over to a person who did not know me or my daughter.

Take the time today and look at all the times in your life that you deceived yourself or you bought into another deception. Take back your spiritual power and honor your core truths today!

©Melissa Feick
Spiritual Expansion Academy™ 

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