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Trust Your Intuitive Superpower!

Trust Your Intuitive Superpower!

In meditation the other day, I felt this strong urge to share some information on trusting your intuition. I have been teaching intuition for over 20 years and I know that intuition is your superpower!

The biggest obstacle I tend to see when it comes to connecting with intuition is trust. I can’t tell you how many times my clients have said something like, “I don’t trust my intuition.” or “How do I trust my intuition?”.

The truth is that you can’t trust your intuition. No matter how hard you try or practice, you won’t be able to trust your intuition. You will only start trusting your intuition when you start to trust yourself

Trust is tricky because most people have told me that they don’t trust because of some trauma that happened to them. So now they don’t trust other people or much else in their life.

Maybe your distrust comes from a loss, making the wrong decisions in your life or from someone you trusted taking advantage of you. If you totally trust yourself and you don’t have any issues trusting your guidance, no need to read further.

But I want you to trust your intuition! I want you to believe in that subtle voice. It is time for spiritual seekers to trust themselves and to feel more empowered in their intuitive hits.

First thing is that you just need to look at your own misguided feelings and energies around trust. If you don’t trust yourself, you will have difficulty trusting your intuition. All your intuitive hits come from your own Higher Consciousness. No matter if you are connecting to your guides, Ascended Masters or angels, it is filtered through your own Higher Consciousness. 

So, trust comes from within first. I want to share some techniques to help you open up to trusting yourself more. Once you start to trust yourself, you will begin to trust your intuition. 

For the next week, journal and/or meditate on your past issues with trust. This can be very stealthy, so take your time and be honest with yourself. Below are some examples to help you.

  • You had a parent, friend, lover who betrayed you. This can create a lot of issues with trust.
  • You never feel good about who you are, so you don’t trust your answers. Look at how your parents felt about themselves. Did they not feel good enough? That may also show up in big egos: "I’m amazing" and/or substance abuse. 
  • Did your family put you down or make you feel like you weren’t smart enough? Or that you should always listen to what they want and what they feel is best for you? 
  • Do you go along with what others want or what they think without checking if it is right for you?
  • Do you have to ask everyone’s opinion before you make a choice?
  • Do you feel stuck and frozen and you’re afraid to make any choices?
  • Do you consistently second guess every decision in your life?
  • Do you use a bad choice you made in the past as an excuse not to make any changes or do anything different?
  • Look at your family dynamics around control. Control is an interesting subject and it isn’t just about wanting to control others, it’s always so much deeper than that. 
  • Needing to control everything, including your friends, choices or how you eat or how you talk.
  • Having an extremely unstructured environment where you have no idea what the boundaries are.
  • Having an unstructured environment one minute and total control the next minute. This means you had no understanding of what was expected of you since it changed all the time.
  • You were never given choices as a child, everything was decided for you.

When you have to make a choice, go into your heart and ask yourself if it feels right. Don’t listen to your ADD mind (ego) voice. The ego voice will keep you stuck and confused. 

Even if it doesn’t make sense, all these things have to do with trust, especially trust in self. You can be the victim of your past and never trust yourself or you can take your power back. I hope you take the time and go through all this. I want you to be empowered, which will help you and humanity. Intuition is so important for the Ascension.

Please forward this to your friend or family member who can use these techniques.

Much Love,

Melissa Feick

©Melissa Feick
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