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What Can Focused Life-Force Energy Do For You?

What Can Focused Life-Force Energy Do For You?

The FLFE Flagship Services for Property, Personal Object & Mobile phone have over 20 Core Features included in the service.

Similar services often price each item individually, which can really drive up the cost. Our goal has always been to include as much value as we can, to create a holistic model that works with your innate intelligence, starting with NOT asking you to choose between your sleep and your health, or your abundance and your joy! We include things like:

  1. Meditation & Creative Support
  2. Support for Sleep & Personal Energy
  3. Immune Support
  4. Brain Support
  5. Liver-Kidney-Gallbladder Support for Anti-stagnation
  6. Hydration Support
  7. Support for Memory & Concentration
  8. EMF Mitigation (3G, 4G, 5G, sattelite & smartmeter sources, etc.)
  9. Clearing of negative thought forms in your environment
  10. And so much more! Visit this link for the full list.

Time and time again we hear incredible feedback from our customers like:

  • It's like a supercharged blessing that I take with me, everywhere.
  • At first, I thought the service was a luxury - now I wouldn't go without it - having effective EMF Mitigation is a must with my sensitivities.
  • We have had the house subscription for 4 days. The energy is super high. We have been giggling all evening! Wow.

Even the scientific evidence for FLFE is growing and expanding. In many ways, FLFE is the gift that keeps on giving. How can you use the service to support your personal evolution?

To try FLFE Free for 15 days, with no credit card, nothing to cancel and no surprise bill at the end, visit www.flfe.net/free-gift/ to have your own FLFE Experience!

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