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Who I am Without Apology

Who I am Without Apology

Years ago, I experienced an incident that made me feel insecure and not good enough. I was teaching a class with Mary Grace (not her real name) and all my clients showed up for the class but none of her friends or students showed up. 

To my ego, it felt like her students didn’t like me and therefore didn’t support the class. 

I was really hurt, but knowing that anything that triggers me is my issue, I went inside and looked deeper at the situation. I knew that this was a pattern I needed to work on. 

But then, I heard the voice of my guides. 

Guide: “What would you do differently for them to like you or for them to accept you as part of their group?”

I answered right away, without any hesitation, “I would change nothing!”

At that moment, the insecure feeling completely left.

My guides proceeded to say something like; “…you are in your power and others may not understand what that is, and many are conditioned, especially women, to be nice and to people please so they are liked. 

It is important for many in this world to be liked.

You don’t need to be liked and don’t let your ego tell you that you do. You hold a frequency of power and there are people who will not like you and may even feel uncomfortable within themselves.

You can’t fully embrace, with full integrity and compassion, the power that is necessary to be a substantial leader if you hold back your power. Even when you think people do not like you.

You hold the frequency of power so others can be in their power. If you change who you are so they will like you, you lack integrity and you do that just to be liked! You are doing them and your soul a disservice when you want them to like you. You are taking away their power when you try to get them to like you.

They have every right to be in their power and not like you. It’s best if you are in your power and allow others to be in their power without fear, defensiveness or anger. Some people’s soul's purpose is to be in their power. It can be very intimidating to those not in their power because they hide from their own power. 

You can be compassionate and loving and be in your spiritual power. You are the foundational rock when you model your spiritual power for others.

As a leader, you are expected to have the difficult conversations that others may be afraid of having and you must be in your power to do so. If they are open, they will listen. Spiritual power is about coming from love and compassion without judgement, control or ego needs.

Be who you are without apologizing or doing something differently to be liked. It is empowering when you are not trying to be liked by others. If frees you to be more authentic and to get to know yourself without outside influence.” 
Melissa’s Journal: Dec 17, 2013 (it was my birthday that day)

All these years later, this is still true! Don’t change who you are to be popular, important or liked. I had forgotten all about the situation and this message. I am grateful to be guided to it again to share it with you. 

I would love it if you sent me a message and let me know what you think about the message and if it helped you in any way. 

Much Love

©Melissa Feick
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