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Aurora Luna Star

Soul Vibrational Alchemist at Aurora Luna Star, LLC
Sedona, Arizona, 86336

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“Aurora has an extremely powerful gift. My session was one of the most poignant spiritual experiences of my life. It was stunningly accurate. I felt as though 10 billion tons of rainbow light flushed my soul. . .” Erik L.

About Aurora Luna Star

Aurora Luna Star is an open channel, specializing in sound activations and personal empowerment. She works with a collective, The ELders of the Cosmos, and through them Aurora brings forth light codes using sound, color, geometry and light language. Aurora uses her gifts to assist you in stepping into your highest potential. Her greatest joy is empowering you to realize your unlimited nature and helping you create the life of your dreams! 

"When we talk about "field cohesion alignment", we are talking about the fact that you are a light being and not just a physical body.  The energy that we assist you with brings in frequencies through various different colors of the light spectrum to each part that is you - your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body and your etheric body, also known as your light body. 

We recognize that many of you may not be aware that you have all of this energy surrounding your human form, as many of you associate your life-force as only being human or physical. Though in fact, you are a multi-layered, multidimensional and multifaceted being of love and light."  

~ Direct channel from The Elders of the Cosmos

You are carrying information from past life experiences so that you can manifest change and live your best life!  These blueprints are the way your soul gets activated to be awakened and create change.  As a Soul Vibrational Alchemist, Aurora offers a clear channel for the ELders, sharing the tools that re-awaken and activate your highest self.

What you will experience from your work with Aurora: 

  • Clarity for Next Steps 
  • Feeling More Deeply Connected to Your Intuitive Nature 
  • Removal of Mental Static 
  • A Greater Awareness of Your Multidimensional Self 
  • Confidence to Make New Choices 
  • Open Creative Expression 
  • Empowerment


Raise your vibration and light frequency!

What you will experience from these Transmissions:

  • Connection to Star Family
  • Navigating Current Energies
  • Meditation Tools
  • New Ways of Processing Information
  • Deep Relaxation

"You are the ground crew for a massive shift that is in process. You boldly answered Gaia's call because of your mastery of alchemy and because of your deep love that burns brightly within. As you continue to find new depths of love for self and compassion through forgiveness, the timelines or outcomes continue to bring heaven to Earth and open more profound connections to your soul or your Source-Self." 

~ Direct channel from the Elders of the Cosmos


Three-Day Sound Activation Retreat in Sedona, AZ - Fall Equinox September 22nd, 23rd & 24th  

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11:00am to 5pm
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Reiki Master Teacher
Integrative Energy Therapy Master Instructor
Nondenominational Reverend

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Aurora Luna Star, LLC
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Aurora Luna Star, LLC Company Logo by Aurora Luna Star in Sedona AZ
P.O. Box 3386
Sedona, Arizona, 86336
United States
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