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SoulSearch Burlingame Enlightenment Expo

and Psychic & Healing Fair

Sunday, August 4, 2024 

10 AM - 6 PM

Embassy Suites by Hilton San Francisco Airport Waterfront

150 Anza Blvd, Burlingame, CA 94010

Free to attend with advanced registration!

Get readings, clear your energy field, and find crystals and other high vibe products.  This will be a fun and exciting high frequency event.  Don't miss out on the transformational talks, workshops, and experiences!  

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Meet Our Readers, Healers, 

Guides, Artists & Creators from our last Burlingame Fair

Charley Lamson

Psychic, Angel Readings, Intuitive Physical & Emotional Healing

Destiny M

Clairvoyant Readings, Communication with Spirit Guides and Angels.

Elemental Magikk

Wands, scepters, staffs, and metaphysical sculptures


Psychic & Spiritual Healer


Evolutionary Astrologer, Divine Feminine Educator, & The Love Card Lady

Dennie Sunbeam

Psychic, Angel & Ascendant Master Channeling

Annie Bachelder

Psychic, Clairvoyant, Clair Sentient, Clair Kinesthetic Clairaudient, & Akashic Channel

Galaxy Starborn

Starborn Starseed Guide, Soul Coaching, Soul Family Portrait

Psychic Lauren

Psychic Readings

Universal Power Healing

Intuitive Healer, Angel Channeler

Red Stone Minerals

Crystals & Minerals


Energy Healing & Sacred Jewelry by Lorna Boales

Marie, The Spirit Guide

Clairvoyant Reader, Healer, Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Advisor

Michele Newman

Psychic Sound Healer & Channel from Galactic Star System Sirius & many other Spirit Guides

Marnelle Marasigan

Certified Money Coach

Virgo Blooming Wellness

Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Reiki Practitioner 

Leah Isla 

Certified Healer, Teacher, and Guide of the Modern Mystery School

Nekia Wright

African Traditional Healer

Neptune Apothecary

Handmade bath & body products, jewelry, candles, crystals, tarot & more

Steven Grundy

Jin Shin Jyutsu - Japanese Acupressure

La Perfumata

Aromatherapy Offerings of Practicality and Luxury

Sharon Caren

Spiritual Coach & Intuitive

Untainted Energy Healing

Reiki Energy Healing


Spiritual Organization that fosters Health, Happiness & Harmony

Alan Acorn Sunbeam

Healing Massage & Acupuncture

Peaceful Nik the Medium

Evidential Medium

Sharon Sampsel

Clairvoyant Readings & Healings

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Would you like to exhibit or speak at the SoulSearch Psychic & Healing Fair? 

Please visit Psychic & Healing Fair Booths

or contact us at info@soulsearch.io for more information.