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Christina Cunnison, Intuitive Healer

San Francisco, 94117

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About Christina Cunnison, Intuitive Healer

The Energetics of Manifestation: PLUS A Guided Journey to Uncover and Release Your Biggest Block to Living the Life You Desire Do you feel there is something hidden that is blocking you from calling in the life you desire? Do you feel stuck in the same negative patterns and limiting beliefs? Are you feeling a stronger call to share your natural gifts and live in greater freedom, joy, and abundance? Do you feel as you move forward on your path of awakening, you are becoming more susceptible to the energies around you, and you struggle to maintain your “vibe?” Join us for a fun and engaging workshop where you will reconnect with your true essence and gain clarity on all that your soul is wanting to manifest through you at this time! In this workshop, Christina will share insights in how to master your own energy by moving beyond the five senses and tuning into the world of subtle frequencies and vibration. Christina will also lead us through a powerful activation process where you will uncover and release the blocks holding you back from living the life you desire. Through this live, guided journey, you will access a clear and direct connection with your own higher self to receive downloads about your own soul’s true essence, power, and purpose for this lifetime. You will receive:- Empowerment tools and energy tips to maintain your vibe through these shifting times- Direct downloads from your higher self on your soul’s calling - Chakra clearing and activation This is an opportunity to experience a powerful process that Christina uses with her one-on-one clients to rapidly release the biggest blocks that are preventing them from accessing the natural state of abundance, flow, and creativity in their lives. As we increase in frequency and develop more of our spiritual gifts, we are being called to step up our energy awareness, or suffer bigger consequences. What to BringThis workshop will be an activation and energetic healing experience, so if you can, please come hydrated and bring your journal. Christina CunnisonChristina is an empath, intuitive healer, and manifestation guide. Her greatest joy is uplifting and inspiring others to access their highest joy and greatest potential in this life. As a healer, she guides her clients through transformational sessions, quickly releasing deeply held blocks, limiting beliefs, and negative energies so they easily realign with their natural state of joy, creativity, and abundance. As a manifestation guide, she teaches her clients to access the realm of subtle energies so they can step back into the flow of magic, joy, and synchronicity in their lives. Christina also leads sacred ceremonies and private rituals to reconnect with our hearts, opening the portal to the divine to activate deep healing on an individual and collective level. Having an extensive background in both science and spirituality, she has learned to access guidance from the higher dimensions while being grounded in the methods of scientific inquiry to bring her clients greater ease, clarity, and joy as they navigate their own ascension process. 20 Minute Energy Clearing Session to Release Blocks to Greater Happiness, Success, and LoveAre you carrying emotional baggage and old traumas that are holding you back from creating the life you desire? Most people unknowingly go about their day feeling anxious, insecure, unmotivated, filled with self-doubt and unworthiness, chronic pain, depression, and the list goes on. What we don’t realize that most of us carry around invisible energies in our fields from negative emotions we experienced in our past. These trapped emotions keep us in lower vibratory states and cause us to attract more of the same negative experiences, keeping us in the same patterns of doubt, fear, and self-sabotage throughout our lives. Join Christina Cunnison, for a 20 minute private session to clear your energy of the trapped emotions that are clouding your natural state of joy, enthusiasm, and inspiration. Come ready to focus on any current struggle ranging from relationship issues, finances, career, physical health, or personal challenges. Christina will tune into your subconscious and will clear energies from negative past experiences so you walk away feeling lighter, more clear, and uplifted.Learn more at: www.christinacunnison.com

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548 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, 94117

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