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Diamaria Mariposa

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Sedona, Arizona, 86336

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"When we devote our energy to the passion within the heart, we align to the frequency of Love"

About Diamaria Mariposa

Meet Diamaria Mariposa

Diamaria Mariposa is the Creatrix of “Awaken Your Spirit- Sacred Ceremonial School for Divine Feminine Healers & Leaders”, Soul-Alignment Retreats, Sacred Cacao Ceremonies, & Private Retreat Awakenings.

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Diamaria took a vow many many moons ago to be a conduit of the divine field of energy, creation, rebirth, devotion, and love. 

 She is a dancer at heart, lover of nature, daughter of the sun & moon, and Creatrix of astonishing Soul-Alignment experiences for Divine Feminine Leaders. She is powerful like the Spanish Flamenco, yet feminine and graceful like the French Adagio. She’s never put one foot in front of the other, rather has allowed her intuition to guide the way. And though she has been lost in the desert numerous times, she’s found that the stillness within her soul has always guided her home. One of Diamaria’s biggest blessings in life was growing up as a dancer. Being introduced and exposed to the mind-body connection at an early age has allowed her to open her heart and invite in spiritual guidance and higher levels of conscious development.

Diamaria identifies herself as a teacher, guide, and mentor. Her work is one of a Ceremonialists & Priestess, and has been in devotion to the Awakening of the sacred Divine Feminine for many many moons.

While facilitating over 50 Ceremonies devoted to Awakening the Spirit, she has invited in an energetic alchemy of what truth is and feels like, aligned empowerment, elemental wisdom, and a love that illuminates her path.

 She loves to travel and has been to Spain, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Egypt. She is on a path of embodying great divine wisdom and plans to go back to Egypt to anchor in the codes as a Golden Age Priestess.

 Diamaria has been in devotion to connecting deeply with her Spirit through meditation, yoga, and the sacred practice of being in Ceremony.

With the softness of her voice and connection to the elements, you will feel a deep sense of inner peace, relaxation, remembrance, support, safety, and love within her presence.

While she holds certifications in Meditation and Yoga with a traditional degree in Psychology and Masters in Education, her souls eternal trust and faith in life has been her most organic education.


Private, Intimate, & Group Cacao Ceremonies

Offered on the majestic land of Sedona AZ, Sacred Center, or via zoom 

(Also available for Retreats)

 Invite into your heart the Medicine of Supreme Self-Love


Raw cacao is one of the most healing superfoods on the planet. Its high levels of antioxidants, magnesium, and iron are soothing to your muscles while naturally boosting your serotonin and dopamine levels.

 For centuries Medicinal Cacao, also known as Ceremonial Cacao, continues to be used by the ancient Mayans and is referred to as the “food of the shift”. Spiritual awakenings and healings occur when used in Ceremony along with practices such as yoga, meditation, & dance. Cacao continues to be served in Ceremony by the Mayans in connecting community and healing the heart.

 I facilitated my first Mother’s Day Cacao Ceremony in May of 2017. I cannot explain exactly how I was called to begin this path. I do feel the frequency within the medicine came into my field as an invitation to explore living with intention, love, playfulness, creativity, and connection.

In January of 2021, I journeyed to Guatemala to connect with the medicine men and women where Cacao has been used for centuries in Ceremony for creating harmony within the community and healing the heart.

 While I have been facilitating Cacao Ceremonies with my community for many many moons, there is such sweet magic in sharing this practice within a private session or loving group.


Receiving a private Cacao Ceremony is a personalized and unique experience. You and I will be in co-creation with your intention for your sacred journey. During our initial conversation, we will dive right into how working with Cacao can assist you in Awakening your Spirit, activate your Creatrix codes, release resistance, tension, uncertainty, and stagnant energies in the body, while calling your power back into alignment.


While this ceremony will be 100% customized for you, some areas of intention I have created and held space for are……

*Cultivating Self-Love 

*Healing a broken heart

*Expanding beyond limitation of creation

*Leaning into the unknown with ease and grace 

*Inviting in clarity, confidence, courage, and creativity

*Releasing blockages

*Connection to your divine spirit (clairvoyance)



In addition to the healing benefits of Cacao, these Ceremonies are a beautiful offering to honor and Celebrate Birthdays, Sacred Unions, Birth of a Child, along with Sacred Rites of Passage.

 During your private or group Ceremony, I will bring you medicine songs to carry the frequency of the Cacao deep into your heart with the beat of the drum. You and your group will also be adorned with Rose petals to call upon the essence of the divine feminine Priestess.


 Sacred Ceremonial items I provide 


-Smudging Sage 

-Intention setting water bowl

-Tea candles

-Oracle Cards


-Egyptian Essential Oils (brought back from my travels) 

-Medicine songs


 Private Ceremony (1) $333

Intimate Ceremony (2-4) $444

Group Ceremony (5-8 persons)….. $555

 Please contact me if you have a group, event, or retreat larger than 8 

 As a gift, I will share my personal “secret” recipe.

 Contact me to set up your Heart -Activating consultation.


 Private & Group Cacao making class

(In Person Only) 

Contact me for my pre-recorded Cacao creation class 

Cacao creation is the most extraordinary class to host! They invite a richness to your creative soul and are so much fun for everyone involved!

An adult gathering that sparks your inner child while deepening your connection to your creative heart.

Imagine gathering with your closest tribe of sisters for a day/evening of tasty, heart opening, Ceremonial creation.

 While this is presented as a class, we will be in Ceremony from start to finish. Cacao is a high vibrational medicine that in itself loves to be honored.



We will begin this tasty heart opening journey by blessing the medicine, and sharing our intentions for inviting Cacao into our hearts. We will then shift into the kitchen where the magic will begin. Each woman will have the opportunity to infuse her intention and love into the cacao by chopping and being a part of the creation process. We will create 2 recipes while a journal for note taking is recommended.

Afterwards, we will take our Cacao to where we opened space and be in Ceremony through conscious conversations and music medicine.

Guests are welcome but not required to bring any instruments or sacred objects to the space.

 Prior to your guests arriving, a Sacred Space to open and close our Ceremony will be set. You can be as involved in the creative details as desired or invite me to intuitively set up.


 Cacao Class & Ceremony ranges 3-4 hours depending on number of participants 

 Sacred Ceremonial items I provide


-Smudging Sage 

-Intention setting water bowl

-Tea candles

-Oracle Cards


-Egyptian Essential Oils (brought back from my travels) 

 I also provide the following ingredients for your class


-Vanilla Extract

-Oak Milk




-Himalayan Salt

-Raw Honey



A working stove top for 2 large pots

Filtered, structured, or natural spring water

Clear Counter Space for sisters to gather

Cups to serve (will depend on number of participants)


 Investment for this Heart Opening Class & Ceremony begins at $444

As a gift, all Cacaoistas will receive a 4 oz serving of Ceremonial Cacao 

Contact me to set up your Heart -Activating consultation.

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Dia Fiorentino
Diamaria is a Certified Mindful & Meditation Teacher through the McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona AZ.

A 200 hr. Certified Yoga Instructor through HIBS Yoga

An Ordained Minister through The Universal Life Church

Medicine woman working with Ceremonial Cacao

Sacred Ceremonialist & Golden Age Priestess

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Diamaria - Awaken Your Spirit
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