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Healing Sacred Feminine

Portland, Oregon

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Supporting women with the healing power of Earth | Sound | Spirit

About Healing Sacred Feminine

I support women to clear the unhealthy patterns of conditioning, grief and trauma from their energy body, mind and spirit that inhibit you from enjoying fulfilling relationships, an inspiring spiritual connection, and living a rich and nourishing life of meaning and purpose.  I am especially passionate about healing ancestral grief and trauma, clearing fear from the land, our planet and her inhabitants, and deepening our connection to Mother Earth!

Growing up in our patriarchal world has caused great dysfunction in our authentic expression as women.  The implications are complex and extremely challenging.  There are so many ways that our healthy, authentic sacred feminine expression gets blocked, stagnant, unhealthy, stuck, and all gunked up with guilt, shame, confusion, and all the other issues that come from growing up in a Christian-based society that shuns the human body, shames and perverts our women, and disconnects us from the material world - the Earth, our bodies, and our experience of anything physical and pleasurable. 

We have been deeply cutoff from our power and vitality, from our healthy sexual expression and life force energy, our creativity, our truth, and from being strong in our voice.  This affects us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  We are in need of serious healing and support to return to our authentic selves, strong in our Divine Feminine power, strong in our truth.The most powerful way to do this is to work with our energy body to release the pain, trauma, and repression that we carry - that is indeed the foundation of our existence due to the intergenerational trauma that runs through our very DNA. We must get beyond the story and blame of our trauma and work with it at an energetic level.  Powerful healing is possible when we clear the fearful, traumatic energy, then heal and rebalance our energy body, physical body, mind, and spirit. 

Earth-based energy healing and sound healing are super powerful modalities that support clearing your energy body of stagnant, stuck, fear-based energies and unprocessed grief that are holding you back and keeping you locked into unhealthy patterns of relating with yourself, with others, and with your environment.  Clearing these energies and connecting more deeply with Mother Earth opens you up for new possibilities that are more aligned with your authentic, creative, joyful self.   I know your energy and experience is extremely unique to you - and that is where I’ll meet you! 

My sessions, courses, and programs all seek to restore you to balance so that you can have a healthier, more integrated experience of your sacred feminine power, your human body, your sexuality,  and your spirituality.  A powerful blend of modalities provides you with a uniquely super-charged and extremely rich, layered healing experience unlike any other!  I utilize sound healing, energy healing, crystal therapy, magick, Reiki, earth-based spiritual practices, tuning forks, sacred geometry and other modalities to support the clearing of unhealthy wounded feminine patterns from your energy body.  I then support healthy functioning by rebalancing and restoring your energy body to optimal wellness.  Step into a new you!  You are going to love this!

Reclaiming your power and a healthy relationship to your sacred feminine is absolutely possible!

Intrigued?  Visit my website for so much more information about me, the transformative intensive programs and courses I have created to support YOU, the healing sessions I offer, and many monthly community events!  I offer an inspiring approach to women's healing, connecting with community, and spiritual evolution.  Be sure to visit my Events page for current community happenings and my latest monthly teachings.  You will love the selection!

I offer all of my programs and sessions remotely (or distance healing as it were), so you can receive powerful healing and transformation anywhere in the world.  Amazing!

 As always, wishing you so much love on your healing journey!  I look forward to connecting with you soon.  ~ Saidi

Company Details

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Year Established
Hours of Operation
Varies - I offer both in-person and distance sessions. See website for details!
Accepted Forms of Payments
* Master’s degree in Thanatology - the study of death, dying, and bereavement
* Bachelor’s degree in Social Work
with a Minor in Writing
* Associate's degree in Gerontology with the following certificates:
End of Life Care certificate
Advanced Behavioral and
Cognitive Care Certificate
* 18+ years in the field of Human Sexuality
* Number of years working with energy practices and modalities
* 20+ years working with sound
* Spiritual Shamanic Practitioner training
* Reiki Master certification
* Crystal healing practitioner
* Spiritual/energetic practitioner for 12+ years
* Annual pilgrimages to India to support and pursue spiritual path and awakening
* Completed numerous workshops, courses, and classes to support ongoing education and advancement in spirituality, end-of-life care, human sexuality, and social services
* Studied with Source School of Tantra and International School of Temple Arts

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Healing Sacred Feminine
Portland, Oregon
United States
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