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India Prema

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The Only Way Out...Is In!

About India Prema

India is an inspiration to all! She has worked through numerous challenges in her life and never given up! Observing her perseverance, her grit, heart and determination to overcome and transform, she is a warrior of a new breed. This all comes from the desire to heal herself, her ancestors, others and the earth in a forthrite fashion.  Now her challenges and sufferings have become her gifts to share with others. She has taken the road less traveled and is back to share the story of healing and survival, growth and transformation.

Flossie Park, E-RYT YACEP | Yoga Teacher & Sound Healer | Director of Gentle Yoga Teacher Trainings - The Soul of Yoga

Now is the time... 

Time to Shift. Time to Pivot. Time to Reset. Time to Cultivate. Time to Surrender

A Counselor for Emerging Souls.

India’s gift as a Counselor, is working within the depths of the shadow-self, or the shadow-bliss, as she likes to refer to it, while she guides you towards the light.  By seeking the darkness within, getting to know these hidden aspects - the Drivers of your life, you will learn to live more holistically, authentically, and closer to your inner freedom (bliss).  She's humorous, heart-felt, honest and caring.

India’s work is transformative. She ignites the fire within you, supporting your evolution – where you can learn to live with great joy, gratitude, and a peaceful heart. To experience a new way of BEing,  

By gaining a clearer understanding of yourself, your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, conditioning, energy, and patterns, you can start to understand how you operate, and how you react or respond to the world at hand.  She offers a 9-week on-line guided virtual experience, 3-night workshops and 10-day retreats that may be infused with medicine of the earth.  It is a deep process enriched with humor, a lot of fun, compassion, non-judgement, and an open heart.  You will gain tools to use to support your own healing process, you will learn to seek and have fun with these beautiful, hidden treasures – known as the shadow-self/bliss.

India works with all courageous souls who are seeking to awaken to a higher level of consciousness through connecting with their shadow – self.  The deep and transformational work is conducted in groups; with males and females held in separate containers.  Unwinding, unraveling, and re-booting is a potent process and having a same sex container supports the safety and intimacy of whatever may come through.

“What a breath of fresh air to come across a truly authentic spiritual being walking the path of her own healing first and foremost. I met India while we were on our individual journeys, I'm from the South where it's hard to be who you are if you're not like everyone else, and spending time with her gave me confidence and resolve that I can stay true to myself and create life the way I want, that I can heal things that seem insurmountable. I knew she would be a force in my journey, and I wanted to absorb all that I could.  On my own, I have taken the road less traveled as well, and while the path to awakening is worth it and eventually, not even a choice.   - Amy S.

“We need beacons of light to inspire and encourage us on the way, and India is just such a lighthouse. She exhibits courage, strength, and grace, even when it's messy. She makes helping others a priority with her wisdom and leadership. I've learned in my journey that it's so important to find and study people who inspire you, and to move in that direction. She is such that person for me!”    - Ami E.

"I learned more about my true self in the 2 days of India's workshop than I have in my 36 years of life on this planet.  I have gained confidence, compassion for myself and an excitement for life that I've been lacking.  I am forever grateful for this work."     - Niki Mc.

India is a true Spiritual Warrior who has walked through devastating circumstances – all happening at once.  Her evolution started through her very personal journey in 2008, that resulted in writing a 400+ page book; Un-Earthed, The Journey Within. Publishing date set for 2023.

Through years of spiritual rebirths and a Soul Re-birth that transpired through five years in the Dark Night of the Soul – a complete collapse of her entire existence. It was necessary for her to dive deep into the abyss of her multi-dimensional self, and in the many deep dives she conducted since, she found hidden treasures in the dark crevices within the murky waters – her shadow.  

During several additional profound transformations in her life, she was gifted with downloads from Source and from her Star family to be a bridge for other emerging souls.   Souls who have a desire, curiosity, and the willingness -no matter how fearful they may feel, to sow the seeds within their own garden; nurturing, watering, and tending to - the beauty within.

Her own self work resulted in embodying The Wounded Healer, being a Medicine Women, Self – Realized, and she has Mastered areas of her life that once alluded the crap out her, therefore, held her in lower frequencies – anger, resentment, fear etc. India would love for you to know - that you don’t have to live in lower frequenci – just visit-occasionally.

You will gain tools and knowledge that will support you within your own evolution.  You can and will move from anger, frustration, resentment, finger-pointing, mental and emotional anguish, confusion, and justification I N T O...

Clarity | Self - Awareness | Confidence | Empowerment | Liberation | Heart - Centeredness

Based on Natural Law - everything is in it's polarity, therefore shadow work/bliss is part of the Ascension process.

Summary of Offerings:

Self - Discovery | Shadow Play | Addiction | Alcoholism | Cancer Support | Dark Night of the Soul Support | Medicines of the Earth 

Please visit her website for details on offerings, her book release, and her background.


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India’s gifts are her credentials, they are a direct result of the self-work. Finding the courage to do the self-work has paid off for her immensely. These gifts, your gifts can and will also come through - shadow work is part of the ascension process.

Being an active alcoholic and drug addict at a young age; she was able to get sober at the age of 25 and spent the next 21 years down the AA rabbit hole. Through 10 life crises all happening at once in 2008/2009 – she walked away from AA (not intentionally), through the most harrowing next 12 years of her life and stayed sober through it all.

In the Divine, there are no degrees, no acknowledgments, no certifications, no awards, no accolades for the deep intense work that she has been Called to do on herself, and subsequently Called to share with others.
Honors & Awards
I Honor all that I am....
I Honor all that you are....

I Award all Souls the ability to Be the highest version of themselves.
I Award all Souls Compassion and Love

I offer myself Permission to have Fun, be Silly, and to Enjoy all that comes my way and i do so with gratitude.

I offer you the same.

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