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Nadi Hana

Sedona, Arizona, 86336

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“With Nadi's kind spirit, gentle way with others, and sound understanding of various pathways to soul enlightenment, she has not only encouraged growth and understanding of myself, but keeps me curious about the various ways the universe speaks to us."

About Nadi Hana

Galactic Rose Geometry

Connect to your Galactic Consciousness through Sacred Geometry!

Self-Guided Courses (Take them any time!), click below to see course details:

Drawing Metatron's Cube

Draw the Seed of Life & 12 Fold Geometry: Learn to Draw the fundamental patterns of reality!

Drawing the Flower of Life: Learn to Draw the Flower of Life and Vector Equilibrium!

Drawing the Phi Ratio and Vesica Pisces

Drawing Enneagrams, Nonagons & Decagons

Drawing Pentagons and Heptagons

Drawing the Tesseract

Drawing the Dodecahedron!

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About Nadi Hana:

Nadi Hana is an inspiring instructor, presenter, energy healer, animal communicator and artist.  Her professional and spiritual practices are dedicated to the expansion of our multidimensional consciousness.  As a practitioner of personal transformation for nearly 25 years, she has cultivated a broad spectrum of skills and abilities to support our individual and collective awakening.  

Nadi achieved her Masters Degree as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and worked as a psychotherapist in the mental health profession for over 10 years.  She became a Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, meditation teacher and Reiki Master in the Usui tradition.  She is a certified Death Doula and spent several years training in the Shamanic teachings of the North American First Nation Ojibwe Tribes.  Nadi draws on many years of experience and cultivated intuitive wisdom, orienting her professional work towards spiritual and energetic transformation.  

In 2010 Nadi turned her attention to developing her abilities as an artist and teacher.  She began incorporating elements of Unified Physics, Cosmology and Sacred Geometry into her artwork, and began teaching the fundamental principles of unity consciousness.  Combining her spiritual knowledge and therapeutic training, she began offering groups and classes studying the esoteric elements of awakening consciousness.

The universal language of Sacred Geometry compelled her to her next phase of consciousness activation working with the Crop Circle phenomenon.  The advanced technologies initiated a galactic consciousness in Nadi.  She began hosting workshops promoting the encoded intelligence to awaken our DNA and activate our subtle energy systems.  She became aware of her multidimensional nature and purpose as a transition specialist for humanity's ascension process.

Integrating her galactic consciousness with a decade of experience as a psychotherapist and healing arts practitioner, she supports people in reframing and de-stigmatizing their non-consensus reality and ET experiences.  Nadi works closely with representatives from benevolent intergalactic races and the Angelic Realms, supporting human and planetary ascension.  She is a Light Language channel and provides light code transmissions during her presentations and workshops.

Nadi currently hosts a variety of international calls and workshops that weave together the breadth of her life’s experience, promoting unity consciousness through an understanding of our multidimensional nature.   

Nadi hosts in person and online workshops on:

  • Light Language Activations
  • Crop Circles Technology
  • Multidimensional Consciousness
  • Drawing Sacred Geometry
  • Whale and Dolphin Intelligence
  • Advanced Civilizations

Nadi also offers in person Energy Healing sessions in Sedona Arizona and is available for commissioned geometric art pieces.

Nadi's most recent art piece is this depiction of the Sri Yantra and is    6' x 6'.  The geometry has been drawn on yoga mat material then cut to form.  The mandala is then secured to the painted background.  

For more information about Nadi's art and workshops visit her website at: www.galacticrosegeometry.com.

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