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5 High-Vibe Practices for the Coming Shift

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A powerful shift on our collective and individual consciousness is underway. These new energies can feel overwhelming, but the Universe is providing instructions for how we can thrive in this new consciousness.

This shift is an amazing opportunity to raise your vibrational frequency and experience the many benefits of high-vibe living that goes with it: greater joy and contentment, satisfying relationships, and abundance. The coming shift opens a door for you to thrive in ways you never have before.However, you’ll need to meet the moment head on, adopting a set of practices that enable you to match these new energies by raising your own vibrational frequency.

Contained in this guide are five powerful, life changing practice channels directly from Source Consciousness through 'The Guides' by intuitive channels Thomas Workman and AJ Cavanagh for these very times.

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