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Private Channeling Session (with transcript) via Zoom or In-Person

Speaking From Source LLC
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"The guides ask questions, and expect thoughtful, truthful answers 

that ring with truth and power"  - Ann,  Lewisburg, PA.

Schedule your private session with intuitive channels Thomas and AJ  as they bring in 'The Guides' to share with you in a one-on-one conversation aspects of your being from their unique and Divine perspective. 

During your individual session, 'The Guides' will help you discover the unique gifts and talents you bring at this time. They will ask you specific questions to get to the heart of anything that is holding you back so that you can create the life you most desire.

There will also be ample opportunity for you to ask your questions about anything important to you and hear them answer clearly, lovingly and directly.  

There is no need for you to be distracted taking notes, the session is recorded so a transcript can be created and sent to review your time with 'The Guides' as often as you'd like.

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