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"I wouldn’t be where I am today without you and your work. You’ve literally changed my life! Thank you!!" Brooksi Bottari

About Spiritual Expansion Academy - Melissa Feick

Melissa Feick is the founder of the Spiritual Expansion Academy™. She supports the journey of the spiritual adventurer to embody your spiritual connection, manifesting power & Divine Purpose. 

Current Spiritual Expansion Academy™ Courses:

Akashic Records Business Healing & Reading  

 Your business has a consciousness that is trying to communicate with you. Even if you are thinking about doing a business or you've had an established business for 20 years, you may be missing key components that will accelerate your service, reach and abundance.

No matter the status of your business, you may have challenges or confusion. You may feel stuck or your business isn't flowing as easily as you desire.

But you don't want to keep hoping something will change or chasing the money!

For the first time, ever, I am publicly opening my Akashic Records Business Readings!

This is extremely valuable information to help you gain clarity about financial issues, what steps to take to expand your business and how to clear the Karmic stuck energy.

The transformation within your business is substantial.

As a conscious leader, this Akashic Records Business Healing & Reading can accelerate your business opportunities to the energy alignment of abundance and service.

Experience the flow in your business by clearing the Karmic Patterns your business holds and aligning with your mission.

In the Akashic Records I will activate and align your business with new possibilities, opportunities and abundance. Once the energy is transcended your business can flow and serve.

No matter what your business is, even if you are just thinking about starting a business, it's important to clear the energy and align with your mission in the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field.

The amount of information, insight and clarity is amazing! Every time I read someone's business records I see the opportunities for growth and expansion.

The Akashic Records Business Healing & Reading will help you understand and see your business through fresh eyes. As the energy transforms you will feel more confident about the next steps in your business.

 Akashic Records Business Healing & Coaching

Melissa Feick is a bestselling author and channel.   She guides you in raising your vibration and aligning with your authentic path. Melissa uses metaphysical topics, ancient practices, and the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field to help you heal and transcend your past lower frequencies. This is how you anchor in more of their higher consciousness so you can live your life purpose and mission. 

Raise Your Vibration Now!
Free PDF & Video Series 

  • The five easiest ways to raise your vibration immediately.
  • Practical tools to help you raise your vibration and feel more on purpose in your life.
  • A video series with tools and suggestions about raising your vibration.
  • What Raising Your Vibration means.

What you will experience working with Melissa:

  • Align with Your Higher Consciousness 
  • Oneness and Ascension states of consciousness 
  • Instant healing, inner peace, unconditional love, instant manifestation
  • Support and help you need to move forward with clarity and focus 
  • You can become your fullest potential, feel more on purpose and experience joy. 
  • Empower you and help you feel connected to your own intuition so you feel secure in your path 
  • Feel empowered about who you really are and where you’re headed in life. 

A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records: 
Master Your Life and Raise Your Vibration

Do you want to make radical changes in your life, so you have happier, healthier relationships?
Are you ready for deep transformation and becoming your highest vibration?
Is it time to transcend your past so you can create a new future?

In this Updated Edition you are about to embark on a radical journey into the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field. This isn’t about your past life; it’s about claiming your wholeness and accelerating your spiritual awakening and evolving your consciousness.

The Real Secret!

In this book you will discover the real secret to inner transformation. You will receive practical wisdom and information on how to use the Akashic Records to transcend your past and create your future.

Book on Amazon: 

A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records

Become Certified as an Akashic Records Healer and Coach™ 

Akashic Records Certification

As a Vibrational Ascension Leader, Melissa Feick merges modern spirituality with ancient wisdom by bringing through channeled information to support you on your spiritual journey.

Melissa guides you to experience your multidimensional self through high frequency activations and deep metaphysical classes.  

Melissa’s passion is Ascension and expanding the consciousness of the planet by supporting the spiritual community. She is an open channel to the Ascension frequencies and sacred Light Codes and loves to share that wisdom with you.

All of Melissa’s current classes are online including an Akashic Records certification and Dream Alchemy. Her book A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records: Master Your Life and Raise Your Vibration is consistently an #1 Amazon Best Seller:



Melissa has been studying Metaphysics for most of her life and she’s has been teaching Metaphysical classes for almost 25 years and has been an intuitive reader for almost 23 years.

Melissa is passionate about helping you to raise your vibration, feel more on purpose, and become the power of Joy. She shares powerful activations and wisdom in her classes online and in person.

Melissa is available to travel and teach at your location. She is also available for a limited amount of one-on-one coaching.

    Company Details

  • Year Established
  • 1998
  • Credentials
  • BS Psychology
    Angel Therapy Practitioner® Certified Through Doreen Virtue
    The Reconnection®
    Theta Healing™ Practitioner, Instructor
    Theta Healing™ Intuitive Anatomy Practitioner, Instructor
    Reference Point Therapy™ Practitioner, Instructor
    Rapid Personal Transformation™ Practitioner, Instructor
    Chakra Healing and Balancing
    Certified Intuitive Counselor
    Reiki Master
    Intuitive Coaching
    Energy Healing Mystery School Graduate

    Contact Information

  • Company Name
  • Spiritual Expansion Academy - Melissa Feick
  • Online Social Profiles
  • Location
  • Sedona, Arizona, 86336
    United States
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Spiritual Expansion Academy - Melissa Feick Reviews

Submitted by Aurora Luna Star on 07/01/2022

Life Altering

Overall Rating

Melissa is a gift to this planet and to our planetary shift.  If you are truly ready to face your shadow and enact change in your life, she will gently lead you down the path with love and grace.  Since working with Melissa, my entire life has gone through a magical alchemy.  I am so grateful for her patience, her abilities and her willingness to go deep!  Thank you Melissa for being such a bacon of light! SO MUCH LOVE! 

Submitted by Susan Blais on 06/16/2022

Deep, life-changing work

Overall Rating

I found Melissa through her book A Radical Approach To The Akashic Records.  I worked with her for 12 healing sessions and the work was deep and intense, and just what I needed. I found there were deep roots to the emotional issues I'd had my whole life, and that they could be healed and rewritten through this work.  I also realized I hadn't really opened my heart and Melissa helped me onto that path.  The work still continues and my life has transformed in many wonderful ways.  I took her certification course and now work with clients doing the same work and marvel daily at the changes we can make if we have the right knowledge and the right guide.  I highly recommend connecting with Melissa if you are committed to self-awareness and spiritual growth.

Submitted by Eunice Nalhani Anandha on 06/11/2022

Ecstatic Expansion

Overall Rating

There are many spiritual people who choose to teach. Some teachers act like The Guru and/or teach at a surface level/narrow scope of spirituality. However, Melissa is very down to earth and authentic. The wisdom she shares & the messages she receives from her guides are deep, expansive. It's exciting to be in class with her and comforting as she's been on the spiritual path a long time. Her passion to teach & care for her students show. The classes are high vibrational. Since she is a clear, open channel, her guided meditations are energetically powerful. I've grown so much working with Melissa. She helped me embody my multi-dimensional self, learn to heal and manifest on the quantum filed and empower myself to take responsibility for my life. I am so thankful my guides & higher self led me to her and the Akashic Records healing program she teaches. Expect to grow, expand, live in the heart and heal in truly powerful ways when you work with Melissa! Life altering in the best way.  

Submitted by Karen O on 06/06/2022

Spiritual Expansion Academy - Melissa Feick Review

Overall Rating

I came to know Melissa from taking her Akashic Records Certification Course as well as through her Akashic Records Healing and Coaching Sessions.   Life had primarily been a struggle for me in areas such as financial, work, family relationships as well as romantic relationships.  While taking the classes, I recognized that my family lineage was filled with many patterns that were part playing out in my life.   Since my healing Akashic work with Melissa, I feel that I am very much in the flow of life.   I received a new job that came with so much ease and the work appears to come with total ease.  My life is filled with quality relationships with like-minded people.  I am continually amazed at how the universe is providing for me abundantly to pursue the activities that my heart desires.   I can now hear the messages from the universe and my intuition has increased tremendously that I rely on it in my daily life.    

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A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records: Master Your Life and Raise Your Vibration
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Do you want to make radical changes in your life, so you have happier, healthier relationships? Are you ready... View More

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