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Suzanne Ross Transcendence

Sedona, Arizona, 86336

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"Suzanne is a compassionate coach and caring mentor who is passionate about healing your emotional body, balancing your karma, clearing your energy field, realigning you with your divine purpose and activating your light-body.

About Suzanne Ross Transcendence

It's Time to Transcend! 

Transcendence with Suzanne Ross

With over 25 years of experience, Suzanne has coached thousands of people enhancing their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. As a Spiritual Counselor and Channeler, Suzanne has the ability to tune into higher intelligence, remotely access your akashic records, ignite your energy centers and activate dormant DNA strands.

If you are ready for a major breakthrough and want to be an important player in heralding in the new golden age of enlightenment, make an appointment with her today. It will change your life dramatically in many powerful, positive ways

Work with Suzanne

Join Suzanne's Upcoming Virtuality Masterclass: Mastering the Game of Life to Ascend into a higher dimensional experience of life as your become the master of your reality and master the game of life in this virtuality called Space-Time. Starts June 1st!

Suzanne offers private client sessions, readings, coaching, and retreats. This is an incredible opportunity to work with a Master 5D Healer, Channel, Medium & Intuitive. Receive energetic transmissions for alignment & attunement. Reunite with your fragmented souls in other timelines & dimensions. Heal karmic wounds, release trauma and  ignite dormant DNA. Learn advanced spiritual technologies for ascension.

For more information on how to book: Suzanne Ross Sessions

Suzanne also offers personal and group retreats: Suzanne Ross Retreats

About Suzanne Ross

Suzanne has dedicated her life to enhancing the lives of others and the way she does this has taken on many expressions over the last several decades. After a divine intervention on a mountaintop over 25 years, she dove into the field of wellness. In the last 10 years, she has taken a more spiritual approach to her offerings. After many miraculous, spiritual and paranormal events, she has developed the ability to channel, do automatic writing, perform psychic readings, tune into interdimensional planes and download advanced knowledge and wisdom about many topics to do with creation, the true nature of reality, consciousness, DNA, Starseed origins, eternity and infinity, the Divine Source, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics and many spiritual techniques and practices for advancing and evolving consciousness. 

These downloads led her to writing her book trilogy, the Up! trilogy: Wake Up!, Rise Up! and Lighten Up! She has also created an internet TV network, SciSpi.TV, that now has 6 channels and over 30 shows, three shows that she personally hosts. She guides spiritual journeys in the vortex sites of Sedona, AZ for individuals and groups. She also offer sessions and readings at a spiritual center as well as online remotely. 

She has been hosting 2 equinox events annually, during the Spring and Fall, in Sedona for the past 6 years. She has also spoken at many events and been on many TV and radio shows around the country and virtually around the world. She has been featured in magazines and publications like Spiritual Sedona and Who’s Who. 

Suzanne shares: 

“My only true desire is to inspire, empower, awaken and enlighten as many as I can in as many ways I can. After experiencing the ecstatic bliss and inner peace of the spiritual path, I knew I wanted as many of my beautiful brothers and sisters on this planet as possible to experience it too. I want to spread the light of love around the world to inspire unity, peace and harmony. I want to raise the love-light frequency on planet Earth and in all of her blessed children. Then, my work here will be done. I love humanity and that’s why I do what I do.”


“Suzanne is a compassionate coach and caring mentor who is passionate about healing your emotional body, balancing your karma, clearing your energy field, realigning you with your divine purpose and activating your light-body. She can tune you into your highest self, access your eternal soul and reunite your fragmented selves in multiple dimensions of time-space. She can also reconnect you with your star families and ignite your starseed DNA. Suzanne will activate your dormant DNA strands and ignite your super-human potential. If you are ready for a major breakthrough, tune into all that Suzanne is doing and offering. It will change your life in many powerful, positive ways! You will feel the love and light radiating in all she creates and offers."

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