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About Wanda W

I am here

As a doorway to support and insights

**Psychic Counseling, Mediumship, Spiritual Healing

***Skills Training

Communication with Love Ones, Guides and Energies

 Psychic & Mediumship Coaching

Generational Trauma Healing

Astrology Assistance 

I can help you understand your psychic experiences and validate your strengths.

I can act as your psychic reader answering questions that concern you today Physically, Emotionally, Mentally or Spiritually.

I can support you to trust yourself.

I Value empowering you, to become comfortable with your innate knowing.


Me and My Gifts

AND?? What am I doing Now? See with all of that, My special skill to me in this post education experience Mediumship Psychic Professional Healer life, is my time line ability and awareness, I can jump around on timelines to see and assist in Epigenetic Healing / Generational Healing, so we do not have to carry it into the next generation. Past Life issues can be worked with in the same way. With your guides, loved ones, and others that wish to help through my sight each of my sessions with people are for fast understanding and healing skill acqusition.I have the gift to see and hear for you. Sometimes I think I am Wanda’s Wild Web of spirit, just ask. After years of studing the physical body and the energetic body, while understanding language and walking with spirit, I see ALOT and share everything with you. Always for your benefit, it is my agreement with spirit.I adore plants, flowers and nature’s beauty. I have been called a green fairy or green witch by many of my friends. Well, I do have a Bachelors in Ornamental Horticulture from Clemson University 1988. I can create a beautiful garden!I am here as a transformation life coach, psychic healer, medium and cheerleader.

Stories of Spiritual Voices 

Here is a fun one: In 1999, I am treating a patient in my clinic, holding her head to release the muscle tension of a headache. I see a beautiful older woman appear at my patient’s feet. A huge old fashion hat of glorious bright orange dons this woman’s head. She looks so happy to say Hi! see me? Yes. I felt the joyful love this woman had for my patient and the experience.  When love ones appear it is as if they are in another dimension I can see, but I also see the wall behind her through her.  If I open up more I will feel and hear what they wish to share. Well, this was only the second treatment with this new client, I was not going to tell her and scare her that a lady just showed up at her feet. But then My Mother showed up! Yes, she had passed away 2 years ago. “Yay! We can work together now” my mother said. Oh, no no no. No Spiritual Booming my session here dear mother. I denied both of them and continued to be a PT. I would have to deal with my mother later and this woman would return if it’s meant to be. I was so surprised to see my mother with a patient’s mother. Well, after the session I was washing my hands in the bathroom and a White Fluffy Small dog appeared jumping on my legs, I laughed “Really, can I be left alone here? Who are you cutie?” I saw the beautiful old woman in the orange hat smile at me. I opened the door and physically bumped into my patient, she was walking so fast to the bathroom! OK, I have to ask you…”Did your mom wear a big orange hat often?”, In wonderment “She did in her casket, she loved that hat” I then had to share, “I think she visited you today in our session”, I see appreciation fill her eyes,  “and what about a small white fluffy dog?”.The glow and sparkly tears and laughter ignited her 82 yr old face. “No one knew about that dog, but me! He was her companion before she passed” We hugged in knowing, I told her everything and that was a beautiful beginning of our journey together. I will write more of this story in the future for she is presently with me smiling for me to share.  “Later” I say and walk to a glass of water.

Next steps… ask.

My abilities are gifted to me and FOR all who inquire.  All you need to do is ask and I will speak what I see, helping you in life and wonder.

    Company Details

  • Credentials
  • In 1994 I became a Reiki Master as I graduated from South Carolina Medical School with a dual degree BS/MHS in Physical Therapy. In 1997 I graduated with an Oriental Medicine degree and became a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in Florida, Acupuncturist. The next 10 years, I found myself practicing astrology, studying and doing ceremonies with Shamans in Peru, Mexico, and China while providing PT / AC services in Hospitals and private practices. In 1995 Craniosacral Therapy CST and SomatoEmotional Release became a love of mine. I began working alongside Mental Health Practitioners in 1998 with CST and my journey of learning recovery therapies from CPTSD began.
  • Honors & Awards
  • From 2000 forward I have enjoyed leading seminars in PT, AC, NLP, EFT, Women’s Empowerment, Ceremonial Gatherings and Qigong. I have built integrative medical facilities in FL and AK, connecting counseling, energy medicine and body therapies.
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