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Longmont, 80503

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“Don’t Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much Of Today... ALSO... We were born not to be ideal, but to be real, not to become someone else, but to become ourselves"

About WellnessWithin - Laurie Wheeler

Transformational Holistic Practitioner, Homeopath, Channel, Author, and Educator with over 25 years of experience

I offer a holistic approach to restoring the balance of a whole person, the totality of mind, body and spirit, by nurturing one onto a path to find and develop a healthful and authentic self. My highest mission is to work with the principles of true healing and the energy force it seeks to transcend.

Read & Listen to Testimonials About My Work Here

I have been in the healing arts for 25+ years, certified through the British Institute of Homeopathy and the California College of Natural Medicine and am trained in Homeopathy, Gemmotherapy and work with laser technology to restore the Human Blueprint. I have been privileged to work along side of several physicians globally, as a complement to traditional medicine and enjoy working with people of all ages and benefiting the young and teens. During my time living in Mexico, also working with the dolphins.

      DreamVision: the Journey of Discoveries

Along side of this wonderful energy medicine, there is a part of my work I named DreamVision--the Journey of Discoveries, encompassing the soul’s journey, including shamanic journeywork, past life, between lives and future progressive soul regression, soul retrieval, medical intuition, channeling Ascended Masters and InterDimensional beings, and speak the Language of Light for activation.

This is where the magic happens.  Life has a divine purpose and accessing this information aligns a person with divine capabilities and destiny, offers a different life perspective, invites self-exploration to allow a more authentic self. It restores peace, joy, clarity and passion ---- the juice for purposeful living.

Experience more information at Laurie's youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCATKrHMAO53F2xjmKe1QIxQ

My business acumen stems from many endeavors including creator and host of a live radio program, “Journey into Wellness”, the founder of a non-profit holistic health clinic for veterans in Maine, and long time educator at many events and facilities, including The Seacoast Women's Week, New England College of Osteopathy, Portsmouth Regional Hospital Women's Health Program, Danvers Community College, York Community College, SUNY New Paltz University of NY, York Wildlife Center, The Cancer Outreach Program and a founding member of New England Seacoast Holistic Health Association.

I've also written my first book entitled Oh, No! Not Another Learning Experience - a metamorphosis and am working currently on a collection of guided meditations and activity book for young people, Dreaming Into Reality.

Experience working with Laurie

"The experience with Laurie is an outstanding blend of extensive knowledge gleaned from her guidance, journeys, Shamanism and a persons search for self. Laurie fully and compassionately demonstrates this openheartedly, and is nurturing on this path. She dream weaves each session into an experience that fully assists in acknowledging and growing into a persons own truth, by allowing the expression of personal reality – without judgement and offering thoughtful insights. There is gentle involvement and lessons filled with wisdom which characterize her sessions. This is an experience well worth receiving"  - Peter

"My sessions have given me guidance and strength. I thank you for showing me how to tap into myself. It is enriching! I believe your warmth and compassion are equaled only by your knowledge" - Patsy

“Laurie Wheeler, recognizes the ancient wisdom of seeing and treating a person in the mental, emotional, physical and energetic realms. She has helped many of my patients to understand and heal their dis-ease. I recommend her therapeutic modalities without reservation.” — Dr. Terri Vanderlinde Board Certified Gynecologist and Surgeon New England Seacoast Holistic Health Association

“For the past 23 years, the Center for Wildlife has treated and rehabilitated thousands of wild animals.  We started not only to use homeopathy but to learn more of how to treat our animals with Laurie treating and teaching us of this process. She is also able to hear information from out animals.  We have seen tremendous results and especially with those animals and birds that come in with head trauma.  We are convinced that it works so well and is our first form of medicine we treat with. We have had many successful rehabilitations.” — K.M., York, ME

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Quantum spoon bending, Kinesiology

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WellnessWithin - Laurie Wheeler
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WellnessWithin - Laurie Wheeler Reviews

Submitted by Nicole Keating on 10/17/2022

Laurie is amazing at Past Life Regression!!

Overall Rating

I had the most incredible experience working with Laurie Wheeler.  I had no idea what to expect never having done a past life regression.  Laurie brought me into a deep calm hypnotic peace where we were able to access several past lives as well as my higher soul self. One life where I remembered living my purpose and dying with no regrets. It was extremely powerful to access that feeling and the sense of knowing I now have.  Laurie is an incredible healer, teacher, and guide.  I can’t recommend Laurie enough she is a deepand clear channel!  This information can now serve me on mission as a light leader!Nicole Keating

Submitted by Jim Dillon on 07/21/2022

Highly recommend the homeopathic services I have received from Laurie Wheeler

Overall Rating

I am pleased with the results of the homeopathic services I have received from Laurie Wheeler. My sessions with Ms. Wheeler have identified areas of change, continued progress or new areas for improvement. She is insightful and her homeopathic supplements created the energetic catalyst for my progressive change. Her wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in working with the human person and its energetic field has yielded for me subtle changes that may not be noticeable at first glance but taken in its totality reveal substantial changes that has stabilized my mood and provided me with enhanced sense of well being. I highly recommend her services.

Submitted by Dr Gary L Storkan on 07/21/2022

Laurie Wheeler- The Person

Overall Rating

Laurie and I have known each other for a few short years, during which, we have shared services. I have always been impressed at the diversity of her knowledge in the field of natural health. Laurie has perused some of the top disciplines in the natural health field, study them extensively, learned their skills and procedures, and consequently been able to apply them to her clients. Her sincerity, compassion, and enthusiasm to help as many other people as she can with their health issues, is very impressive to me. I do not know that many people who are so dedicated and full of love!Thank You Laurie for all that you do!!

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