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Williex Merritt

Owner at Love Wisdom and Healing Ministries
Springfield, Oregon

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About Williex Merritt

I am an Ordained Shamanic Minister initiated into Ancient Egyptian Mysteries. I am also a Wisdom Goddess Priest and Spiritual Empowerment Coach. For over 30 years I have been helping people gain insight into their lives through divination with Destiny Cards, I Ching, and Metu Neter. I provide inspired guidance to assist you with your personal Spiritual development, your relationships, your health, your career and to connect you with what you truly want so you can experience life with genuine aliveness and success. My mission is to inspire people to reconnect with their own Inner Wisdom, Truth and Power in order to actualize a truly successful destiny of Spiritual Fulfillment, Happiness, Health, Wealth and Love. 

I specialize in Cards of Destiny Readings.  

Everybody knows their Star Sign - Pisces, Capricorn, etc.  But each day of the year has its very own Earth Sign.   These Earth Signs govern the experiences we go through each day. The Earth Signs were cataloged by cards that designate specific electro-magnetic and telluric meta-physical energy cycles in effect each day of the year.  Your Earth Signs are the cards that represent the prevailing energies on your bEarthday. Our Earth Signs provide a clear and exact window into ourselves, our motivations, our challenges and strengths.  They also provide precise information about our lives, our relationships and our Spiritual journey on Earth Mother.  

Consultations generally last 90-120 minutes.  The reading also comes with an audio recording and 35-page report that documents all of the data covered.  Readings are done via Zoom, over the Phone or in Person.   

Testimonials - www.lovewisdomandhealing.com/testimonials

Here is a little background on the cards: 

This system catalogs the electromagnetic bio-rhythms and cycles of the earth.   Legend has it that they originated in Atlantis.  It was studied and used in the Mystery Schools of the Gnostic Egyptians.  The knowledge of this system has been kept secret from mankind for many centuries, until it was reintroduced to the world in 1893 by Olney Richmond of the Order of the Magi.  As the information was passed down it was further refined my Magi members including Robert Camp, author of Love Cards and Cards of Destiny.  And knowing the cycles that you are moving through at a given time is the Master Key to experiencing your most successful and growth filled life upon this Earth.  

The basic cycles of the earth can clearly be seen in the design of the deck of cards.

• There are 52 weeks in the year and 52 cards in the deck.
• There are 4 Seasons in a year and 4 Suits.
• There are 13 moons in a Solar year and 13 cards per suit.• Night and day is represented by the Black and Red colors of the cards.
• There are 12 Royal Family Cards and 12 months of the year.
• If you add up the face value of all the cards in the deck (Ace=1…K=13) the sum total is 364.  Add to that the value of the Joker–1.25 and you have 365.25 which is the number of days the earth takes on its journey around the sun.

This “Book of Destiny” provides you with an extremely accurate understanding of your past, your future and your present.  With a Destiny Card Analysis you will have an accurate understanding of what is going on in your life and why!  

Destiny Card Yearly Reading.  This reading is a comprehensive overview of your entire year - from the beginning of your birthday up to your next birthday.  We look at the theme of the year, and the highlights and the challenges you will be going through.  We can look at any year from the past to gain an understanding of why things happened the way they did.  

Destiny Card Relationship Report.   Get a comprehensive overview of any relationship you are contemplating or are currently in – be it personal, family, social or business.  

The Solution Reading is a concise way to get an energetic snapshot of a specific circumstance you are in or are contemplating.  When used in conjunction with your chart analysis you will have a real-time map of what your best next step can be.  If perchance you would like to include a Solution Reading, please have a deck of cards handy.  

Personality Report.  This is a great tool to understand how you or anybody else shows up in the world. It is great for understanding your children as well.  From the moment they are born they have very specific personality traits, needs, challenges and ways they will express themselves.  Do you have a child that spends most of their time alone?  Perhaps they are an Ace!  Or how about the child that talks non-stop!  They could be a 10-Clubs.  Do you have a child that is "the Boss".  They very well could be a member of the Royal Family - King, Queen or Jack!  

Destiny Coaching / Energy Clearings.  This service includes Coaching and periodic check-ins to assist you over a period of time.  Each year has its own mapping and having the coaching sessions on an ongoing basis is like checking your compass to make sure you are on the right path to actualize your best opportunities for growth and advancement, and also how best to navigate those times when life gets challenging.   It also includes Energy Clearings that can help remove or mitigate challenging energetics within particular cycles or provide necessary energy adjustments.  

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Initiated Gnostic Egyptian Goddess Priest; Certified Holographic Kinetics Practitioner; Supreme Science Level 1 Qigong Instructor; ASIST Trained - (Applied Suicide Intervention Skill Training); Cards of Destiny Reader - 30 Years; Ordained Minister - The Church of the Hearth of the Dancing Drum.

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Love Wisdom and Healing Ministries
Springfield, Oregon
United States
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