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Posted 01/31/2023 in Consciousness by Galaxy Starborn

A Fresh Start to the New Year

A Fresh Start to the New Year


By Galaxy Starborn

My New Year’s resolutions

whiz down a paper-white


lined with confetti,

then stop-and-go

on the Freeway

of Unfree Illusions

and wait, at the next exit,

while a long train of self-doubt

roars by.

The ghosts of holidays past

still lurk in the shadows

as I spy a stone Buddha

sitting serenely on the front porch,

bathed in moonlight.




Breathing deep,

beyond the cobwebby tales

and the cackling voices

that used to haunt me,

I park my consciousness

deep in a cosmic womb

where stars beckon tenderly

amidst inky-black archives

and sparkling words are born.

Sipping a cup of chamomile tea,

slowly I turn the page of destiny

and channel the humming of my heart:

“With each rising of the sun,

may we resolve to write

a new life-story.

With each rising of the moon,

may we resolve to sing

our blessings.

With each step we take,

each choice we make,

may we resolve to build

a New Earth of Love

and to co-author

a happy New Year.”


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