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Join us at the SoulSearch Scottsdale Enlightenment Expo 

Saturday-Sunday, Jan. 13-14, 2024

10 AM - 6 PM

Embassy Suites by Hilton Conference Center,

Entrance on 7300 E Chapparal Rd., Scottsdale, AZ  

Join our enlightening metaphysical, psychic, transformation, & empowerment fair. Get psychic, tarot, astrology, akashic records readings, and more.  Clear your energy field, balance your chakras, and receive bodywork & massage.  Find crystals, tinctures, herbs, orgonite & other high vibe products.  

This will be a fun and exciting high frequency event.  Don't miss out on the transformational talks, workshops, and experiences!  

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Ask Your Questions for 2024

featuring simultaneous dual Intuitive Channels Thomas Workman and AJ Cavanagh, Speaking from Source

Audience members have the chance to be selected for a direct conversation with The Guides.

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Speaker Schedule

(All Talks are FREE with Admission)


10 AM

Reiki Circle

Speaker: Barbara Tintori

Join Reiki Master and SoulSearchTV Content Curator Barbara Tintori for a powerful and magical Reiki Healing Circle to channel your own Inner Divine Healer and to help start your amazing SoulSearch day on a happy high vibe!

Learn More HERE.

10 AM

The Power of Self Trust: Understanding the Relationship Between Confidence, Faith and Trust in Yourself.

Speaker: Victoria Reynolds

Learn More HERE.

11 AM

Polished by grief

Speaker: Adelita Smith

How the suicide loss of my Navy Veteran son led to my spiritual awakening and how I navigated through tremendous grief to live my truth, in grace and service to others as the divine channel I was always destined to become.

 Learn more HERE.

11 AM

Experience Transcendence

Speaker: Suzanne Ross

Be guided into a transcendent state of elevated awareness as Suzanne takes you on a journey through the MerKaBa light vehicle and into the upper chakras. The 13th chakra is the gateway to ascension. As the Ascension Gate is opened for you, you will experience the nirvana of the 5th dimension.

Learn more HERE.

12 Noon

Ignite Your Quantum Power Now

Speaker: Janette Ressue

Join this exciting exploration of your Master System, your bioenergetic system!  In this highly experiential session, Janette will guide you in tapping into your divine wisdom and soul vision for 2024 and share a powerful bioenergetic balancing/reset tool you can experience and begin using immediately to clear any interference that may have blocked you in the past from living your dreams in the areas of  health/healing, relationships, finances, career transitions and beyond!  This prove method has worked for hundreds of thousands of patients and clients around the world and it's time to Ignite your Quantum Power Now so you can truly live a life you love living!

Learn more HERE.

12 Noon

Palonette - High Vibe Galactic Crystalline Technology

Speaker: Mark & Onya Sorensen

Octavia Global presents Love My Crystalz! Follow Mark and Onya Sorensen on their discovery of Palonette Crystals from 130 Light Years away from the Planet Trintin which raises one’s frequency exponentially. Find out how it got here and experience how the Palonette raises frequencies of anything that is living like Plants, Animals, Water and Humans. See a live demonstration and then come by their table to see and experience them for yourselves

Learn more HERE.

1 PM

Activating your GOLDEN SUN PRESENCE of protection and your COSMIC POINT VORTEX for the healing of self and others

Speaker: Charley Lamson

Join healer and teacher CHARLEY LAMSON for this very unique activation and teaching on the various practical applications of these ethereal tools and more.  Listen as Charley recalls his own journey to his rememberance of the GREAT SACRED FIRE MASTERY of old and learn how each of us has the ability to access this GLORIOUS DIVINE POWER. The time has arrived for each of us to pour out our own unique powers and blessings to the collective and the EARTH.

Learn more HERE.

1 PM

Elevate Your Consciousness: 3 Essential Keys for Ascension

Speaker: Eva Vennari

Isn't it strange we don't know what's wrong with our bodies when we have symptoms and we have to seek outside testing and advice to find answers? You'll learn how to bridge the gap between the conscious mind and the innate within you immediately so you can be a more empowered part of your healing journey.

Learn more HERE.

2 PM

Countdown to the Reappearance of the Embodiment of Love

Speaker: John McNab

Where do you look to find signs that we are barreling faster every day towards the opportunity to be reintroduced to our brother who played a critical role in the missions of Krishna, Jesus and Shankarycharya from behind-the-scenes? How soon could this event take place and enable us to enter what he calls the New Country of Love?

Learn more HERE.

2 PM

The Science of Spirit

Speaker: Jeffrey Carpenter

Join Jeff Carpenter, Reiki Master, Rescue Medium, and Rocket Scientist for a journey into how ALL of our spiritual gifts and messages can be explained by science! We we delve into energy, the Chakras, and crystals to better understand how to use these tools, because the more you know, the easier it is to MANIFEST!

Learn more HERE.

3 PM

Become a Magnet for Miracles

Speaker: Joan of Angels

Learn to raise your vibration to attract magic and miracles into your life!

Learn more HERE.

3 PM

Transmission Meditation

Speaker: John McNab

Transmission is a group meditation designed to step down high spiritual energies and is both a tool for personal development and world service. The energies are received in the head center and stepped down through the nervous system to be used in the world. More energies can be received by each participant in this group meditation than through an individual meditation, and this speeds up spiritual development for everyone.

Learn more HERE.

4 PM

Live Younger With Light

Speaker: Linda Searl

Unlock the secrets of living through innovative applications of enhanced energy and light therapy. Experience LifeWave's transformational phototherapy technology. Improve the way the body creates energy flow which improves health and vitality - the ability of the body to heal itself and repair itself is predicated on the body’s ability to produce energy. This is an opportunity to regain control over your life and embrace a future where suffering no longer dictates your daily experiences. 

4 PM

Connecting to Your Angels 101

Speaker: Peter Sterling

Come experience the world renown healing harp sounds of Peter Sterling and hear his magical story of how he met his Angels over 30 years ago.  He was then guided by the angels to play the harp and be a channel for the angelic energies in preparation for the ascension into the golden age. Learn your own personal practices and techniques to connect with your Angels and bring their love, light, and healing into your life.  Peter will also give an Angelic Blessing with his beautiful harp music.

Learn more HERE.

5 PM

Keys to the Kingdom

Speaker: Peter Sterling

A multi-media exploratory journey into the nature of multi dimensional realities. From the supra cosmic to the subatomic we will explore the harmonic structure of sound and light as it is revealed thru the codes of creation. .Join Peter for an experiential workshop where we delve into important and remarkable topics which include sacred geometry, the harmonics of sound and light, the mystery of the crop circles, the evolution of DNA and more. Besides being highly enjoyable, you will be imparted with crucial information at this juncture in human potential to guide you seamlessly into the new earth.Includes harp performance

Learn more HERE.

5 PM

Reiki and journeying with drumbeats to your subconscious to get answers and release emotions.

Speaker: Leah DeSanto

Group Mini Reiki Session followed by a guided journey into your subconscious using drumbeats from a Native American Drum.  Some refer to it as a “Shamanic Journey” where stored emotions and trauma can be released and answers to questions.  It is a freeing experience.  If time permitting, one can share their experiences. 

Meet Our Readers, Healers, 

Guides, Artists & Artisans from our last Scottsdale Psychic Fair

Click on their descriptions below to learn more

Charley Lamson

Psychic, Angel Readings, Intuitive Physical & Emotional Healing

Mindful pink moon

spiritual teacher, professional astrologer, passionate tarot reader

Elyse Ann

Psychic Transformational Coach

Judy Lekic

Aura Photos

Janette Ressue

Founder & CEO Own Your Magnificence™

Mary Elizabeth Radecki

Medium, Divine Connection

Joan of Angels

The Oracle of Ancient Wisdom, Cosmic Spiritual Leader, Cosmic Activator, Angel of Light. Spiritual Advisor

Joa Janakoayas

Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Guide, Life Empowerment, Coach, and Quantum Energy Healer

Jennifer Lynn

 spiritual consultant, a soul midwife, a shamanic Druid Priestess

Diana Marie

Intuitive Guide, Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Empath, Readings

Dimensions of Heaven and Earth

 Reiki Master, Intuitive Practitioner, Dimensions, House Cleaning, Spirit Rescue and Release, and Paranormal Investigation.

The Soaring Spirit LLC

Spiritual Life Coaching, Energy Work Reiki and Sound Healing, Tarot Reading

Annie Radzus

Top-Level Professional Psychic Medium Clairvoyant/Medical Intuitive

The Elevate Institute

Mineral Alchemist – Certified in Mineral Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis with Global Nutritional Healing

Medium Adelita LLC

Medium, Channel, Energy Healer

Cheri Arellano

Quantum Psionics Energy Healer, Crystalline Healing Light Energy Healer,Intuitive Healer, Crystal Healer

Echo Forest

Certified Holographic Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Certified Channeled Light Healer, Practitioner of Sound Healing, Practitioner of Vibrational Therapy

White Star
Internationally Acclaimed Psychic, Shaman, Energy Healer

Sharon Sampsel

clairvoyant and a master of spiritual communications

River of Gnosis

Therapist Certified in Medical Qi-gong
Ordained Priest in Coptic Gnostic Mysticism.
Certification in Nei-gong training

Elephantal Wellness
Specializing in medicinal teas

Tilly Stevens

Reiki master

Kristin Busha

 7th generation Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Tarot Card Reader and Life Wellness Coach.  

Suzanne Ross 

Spiritual Counselor, Channeler, Medium, and Intuitive

Sheila Conneen

certified Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner and Angel Card Reader

Julianne Wilfert

certified energetic home healer

Psychic Blessed with Suzanne


Empowered Healing KC

intuitive medium, channel, and energy worker

My Awakening Within LLC

Akashic Enlightenment Readings + Healings, Soul Advancing Energy Healings, Spiritual Conscious Living Coaching, and Business Coaching

Skye Chen (LLC)

psychic reading and soul alignment healing

Thaddeus Ferguson

Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Master Psychic: Magickal Tarot Readings with Grand Master Gerhardt

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