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Hypnosis for Healthy Aging

Hypnosis for Healthy Aging

Whatever the mind imagines, the body will do. You may have heard the story of the POW who came back playing a better game of golf than he had before years without practice—by doing the same kind of mental practice we teach through hypnosis. Dr. Deepak Chopra, a medical doctor who also studied metaphysics, tells us that we age in the manner that we do because we see the people around us aging that way. He speaks of societies in which octogenarians and older calmly climb mountains, swim vigorously, ride horses, make a meaningful contribution to their community. No one expected them to retire to a rocking chair or a rest home in their later years, so they didn’t. 

Dr. Chopra discovered that we are constantly rebuilding our own bodies on the cellular level. He says we rebuild the lining of our mouths every 3 days, our livers every 6 weeks, and our skeletal systems about every 6 months. 

Why do we keep rebuilding old problems into our new bodies? Mostly because no one told us we don't have to—we were never taught that we could build healthier stronger bodies than we had even before injury, illness or age damaged us. Most of us age the way people around us age. Age is different in other cultures, primarily due to attitude rather than variations in food or environment. In cultures where no one expects people of 90 to be sitting in a rocking chair or dying in a rest home, they are instead out working productively, riding horses or climbing mountains for fun! According to Dr. Chopra, and now corroborated by practitioners all over the world, our bodies are capable of living to be 120 years old in a healthy condition. Yet even those of us who believe that consciously are unable to make our physical selves do it unless that belief is brought to the subconscious level through hypnosis. Healthy longevity is achieved through a combination of deep belief in this concept and a strengthened motivation for adopting healthier eating, exercise, and sleep patterns. 

What do you expect old age to be like, and what age do you consider old? Your answers to these questions and others like them will play a large part in determining whether these will be golden years of discovery and growing wisdom or garbage years of weakening and withdrawal. Through self-hypnosis, you can learn to heal more rapidly from injury and illness as well as how to slow down or even turn back the aging process.    

This article was adapted from Terry Brussel-Rogers' Seven Keys to Self Actualization Hypnotherapy Program. Healthy aging is addressed in the Gold Key - Body Awareness & Control. Interested in learning more? Contact Success Center at 800-GOAL NOW (462-5669) to schedule a phone appointment with Terry. Please visit www.acesuccess.com to download a free Stress Management and Healthy Immune System guided meditation. You may also purchase related self-hypnosis booklets and audio recordings from the Success Center Store

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