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The Support of a 24/7 High-Consciousness Field

The Support of a 24/7 High-Consciousness Field

Many people understand that doing things like smudging or Feng Shui can change the energetic environment. But what if you could have that type of support automatically, 24/7?

How can the consciousness of your environment affect you? In more ways than you can possibly imagine. Every environment is energetic and is filled with thought forms. Some of those thought forms might belong to us, but many of them do not. A great example of this is when one couple shared a story with us about being on a walk. They lived a healthy lifestyle, but suddenly, they began craving french fries. Lo and behold they were walking at the backside of a billboard advertising french fries! 

Whether the history of the land or the history of the building, having your environment clear of negative thought forms supports your personal evolution. FLFE puts thousands of positive affirmations and a high-consciousness field into your environment 24/7, so rather than having your environment working against you, it begins working FOR you. That's why we say that FLFE is like a greenhouse for you to thrive in. 

We know it may sound unconventional, that's why for the last 10 years, hundreds of thousands have experienced the FLFE Free Gift Experience. For a full 15 days, you may experience either of our two most popular subscription services for either HOME or MOBILE, free, with no credit card, nothing to cancel - and no surprise bill at the end! There's nothing to pay for - it's just free. Get your 15-Day FREE GIFT of Focused Life-Force Energy here

Imagine having 1,000 monks praying for every aspect of your life, 24/7 - your health, your abundance, your wellbeing, your communication, your relationships, your environment and property. 

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