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Why Massage and Meditation are the best ancestral arts.

I asked my client, "Do you realize when you go get your eyes checked, you are adjusting your eye sight to false light?" She responds, "Ohhhhh, wowwww!"  I assume that to mean, she doesn't get the correlation.  I say, well, we as humans are based off of real light, so adjusting our eyesight to false lighting, is disturbing a delicate quantum interaction.  It seems so slight, but nothing is slight when everything is relative.  As Einstein's theory of relativity, states, everything is relative, yet, his equation does not include the fundamental aspect of 'consciousness.'  Bohr knew that as well, as Tesla.  We have a lot of mathematics, like the Fine structure constant, Coulombs law, etc, and as a Massage Therapist for 20 plus years, and a former Massage instructor, I wanted to know, how does physics and healing relate?  How being in the zone, massaging and Bruce Lee all relates.  Why is kundalini and life so intricately woven.  Why is anandamide, a chief endocannabinoid hormone, relative to fertility, which may mean THC and life are woven just as the birds and the bees.

I started with understanding how the periodic table related to the human anatomy.  As a former Massage Instructor, I had to teach future therapists the equivalent of a year in Doctors school.  We learn everything anatomy and physiology related, all the major systems of the body and the pathologies normally encountered, like Aids, cancer to regular, bacterial infections like impetigo, and how a therapist should massage a client as such.  Understanding how Parasympathetic stimulation and the Immune system works along with energy, hydrogen and numbers, and with help of understanding Ancient arts like, the Essenes and Hermeticism, I was lead to Coptic tradition and influence, and then to Sumerian and the cosmic entanglement of the deity Ra and Tiamut.

The beauty of the internet is access to knowledge in ways our ancestors did not, at least in a certain context.  Our low frequency of evolution over the past 5000 years or so, has brought us to the Age of Aquarius, where Ra is Us, and what that means as well as, what AuRa, is and its relationship to the platonic gold in us, gold is 'Au' on the periodic table, by the way, and our inner flash aka mercury light being.  Activation of kundalini thru, hours of shadow work and daily application of etheric and astral attributes to daily life brings the power of your spine, the full 33, to a wifi frequency in the 72 octave range.  Recent research has brought this to light, no pun intended.  This unlocks DNA communication in ways only an ascended masters knows and feels.  As well, as any individuals who come in contact with these AM (Ascended Masters).  You never call yourself one, until many bestow that honor on you.  That's when you know.  Thru healing countless souls over the past years and giving your energy in ways many could not fathom, the universe blesses that hardwork, dedication and sacrifice in ways like, sacred secretion, DNA re sequencing and evolution.  Leading to new hippocampal development in your CAM 1, 2 and 3 centers, unlocking a second puberty on to the cells on your body, only a few can experience in real time.  This universal ascended pathway, is a unique real life avatar movie, with potential, only limited my Willpower, as in the Green Lantern comic book which is a hell of a correlation to chakral mastery and astral and etherical application.  A quantum entanglement only microtubules could understand. 

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