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Christine Tang

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About Christine Tang

I am an Engineer turned Channeler, delving into the mystical as Engineering School never taught. Living life as a mother and government professional has given me a solid foundation to relate to the world of Spirituality and Energy Medicine, and how transformative the metaphysical modalities can be for others.

I provide Full-Body Channeling, which means I walk and talk the Being.  Whether it be a God/Goddess, a Plant, a MysticalAnimal, the Spirit of a location, etc., I can download its Energy, for a unique conversation and healing as applicable.  I can also provide Mediumship for the deceased, on occasion.

Vision Journeys are also my specialty.  These are guided and deep journeys into the causes of patterns, answers to life questions, meeting Spirit Guides, and receiving healing in the process.  The journeys can be very profound, as you experience from your perspective -- while I "walk" beside you and share what I also see and feel.

Additionally, I am also certified in Reiki.  This is a specific Station on the Radio of Love, where I send beautiful and peaceful healing energies to your Body and Soul -- to ease stress and lessen pain.  Reiki can be sent to any time/place the Space/Time Continuum, just like all the other metaphysical modalities of our wonderful world.

I invite you to experience in awe, who you are and your infinite potential.

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