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Posted 09/22/2022 in Activation by Lisa McCardle

The 222 Ignition Portal

Lisa McCardle
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You are The ONE!

We are wanting you this day to be in the remembrance that you are separate from nothing. Everything that is being experienced in, of, and around you is an expression that is curated through you.

The quickest way home, dear ones, to your salvation, to your sovereignty, to your utopic Gaia world experience, is to remember that you are the infinite point of all creation and that the moment your breath matches the frequency of your homescape, the entirety of planet earth shall be delivered home through you.

Release Trauma and Grief & Resurrect Your Light

  • TURN ON Crystalline Light Codes
  • IGNITE Organic Manifestation Magnification Codes for Receiving
  • Activate Your CREATOR CODES 
  • RELEASE Lower World Density Trauma/Grief and Programming 
  • COLLAPSE Polarity, Duality, and Separation
  • CEREMONY to setup a light GRID
  • EMBODY Unity consciousness
  • CREATE Harmony and BALANCE the Masculine and the Feminine POWER within you

The 222 Activation is an spiritual awakening Like NO Other ~It’s Your Time to RELEASE to RISE UP New

~ The Light Council Channelled by Lisa ~

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Lisa McCardle

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