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Raquel Spring Review

Submitted by Coastal Catalyst on 10/09/2022

Heartfelt thank you Raquel Spring!

Overall Rating

From my heart to yours- thank you for all the love and light you bring to the world!

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Raquel is a very gifted and incredible Astrologer

I’m deeply thankful to have stumbled upon Raquel Spring on my path through life. Raquel is a very gifted and incredible Astrologer. She goes way beyonds most astrologers and brings astrology to the next level. She’s the astrologer to any wayshowers and people who can identify with being the pioneers of a new consciousness on earth. Her talent is her ability to go very deep into your soul story/essence.Learning astrology from her and receiving 2 readings from her have been life changing. It has allowed me to go so deep into my soul and be able to identify parts of me that I couldn’t have understood without the help of Astrology. This helped me to bring a lot of peace and understanding towards challenging aspects of myself and to start reorienting myself towards a more juicy life. :)I’ve been part of her membership program for about a year now and I’ve been learning so much with her! I highly recommend a birth chart reading with her even if you have gotten one from another astrologer before, with Raquel you go to the next level! Then, I’d recommend the transit one but not the birth/transit reading which in the end is more a transit reading (she doesn’t really cover your blueprint in this one).

Submitted by Valerie Nourissat on 01/12/2024

what a gift to the world and humanity

I have been humbly receiving Raquel's astrology readings throughout this year and my experience with her has always been absolutely amazing and mind-blowing. So many truths, confirmations and guidance from her and all of them have offered me such clarity to walk my path with much more ease and grace.I have recommended her to all of my loved ones and them too, have had such a profound experience with Raquel.Thanks Raquel for everything you have done for humanity. 

Submitted by Pitinada Anahata on 10/21/2023

So much information, so many deep dives! Don't miss out.

I have had the blessing of 2 readings with this Divine Angel, they have both been life transforming. Raquel dives deep, she will go as deep as you are willing to go. I love the way she brings the energies of one's chart to life. She puts it all together in a way that is not only comprehensive, but easily accessible to even the most novice among us. She gives so much more than she takes. Not only in one's private readings, but in her workshops and monthly full moon celebrations. She loves what she does and it shows in her passionate sharing with those of us who follow her. Just take a glance at her YouTube channel and you will see just how giving she is. Not sure anyone gives as much as she does for free. Whether you're looking for a better understanding of yourself, lessons in astrology to better understand others, or an in-depth look at your reality tunnel through a reading, I highly recommend the lovely and loving Raquel Spring. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Submitted by Kano Ayala on 07/24/2023

How can you love her more?!

Impossible to love this warm, generous, loving, brilliant teacher friend and mentor more than I do this very moment. I am learning the language of the starts, and wish I know Raquel years ago to actually learn what I wish I knew now. She gives smooch of her time to further us along our path. Couldn't love her more!

Submitted by Spa To Go on 07/02/2023

Full Moon Gathering on July 3

Once again thank you, Raquel. I appreciate your free offer to these important switches going on with the Full MoonGathering and the nodes changing on July 17. I always look forward to your insight and wisdom in the transformationof our planet in these challenging, yet evolving times.

Submitted by Tama Walker on 06/30/2023

Deep Dives with Raquel Spring

Raquel Spring is a five-generation astrologer and although I have been studying for over forty years she is trulyone of the best astrologers in the world today. She's generous and her knowledge of astrology is available oftenwith a free gift to her special events like the Full Moon in Sagittarius gathering June 3. She also offers replaysto these events. 

Submitted by Retired on 06/01/2023

Thank you Raquel!

Thank you, Raquel, for all you bring to this world and to all of us. You are amazing! So grateful to have found you and to be guided by one with such a unique and thorough understanding of the complex planetary shifts that affect us all so very much. Thank you for guiding us all so well! much love always,Elizabeth 

Submitted by Elizabeth on 06/01/2023

Always a Pleasure

I look forward to all the engagements with Raquel. She is a true diviner of the cosmos ordained alignments.  Thanks Again.  Mystic Star Seed 777

Submitted by Mystic By A Mile on 05/02/2023

God bless Raquel’s beautiful soul

Love Raquel's ability to share her knowledge and wisdom with such simplicity and with so much love. She is a gift to this world. From my heart to yours, thank you for imparting your wisdom with us❤️

Submitted by Lisa on 05/02/2023


I appreciate your insights and your ease of explaining very complex issues shown in each of the cycles.

Submitted by Julia Stauffer on 05/01/2023

Grateful for your knowledge and wisdom

Raquel, thank you for your generosity and offering these free sessions on such important times like this upcomingSolar eclipse. I have been a follower of yours for a long time and you have done my chart with wisdom and clarity.I appreciate your sense of community and reaching out to help others through the process of meaningful change onour planet. I appreciate you. Thank you. Namaste. Tama Walker

Submitted by Tama Walker on 05/01/2023


Any time Raquel speaks, I listen. A brilliant decoder of the stars and such a generous spirit so heart centered that I just have to keep her messages close at hand because she’s truly a global friend xo

Submitted by Spa To Go on 05/01/2023

An incredible foundation for building a reality of New Earth

What a joy to be greeted by Raquel and her beautiful energy!This session brought a wind of renewal to my reality!!! A beautiful magical moment in which time ceased to exist! Raquel delivered beautiful and powerful information about my soul, with gentleness and loving kindness. This is an incredible foundation for building a reality aligned with values of New Earth.Thank you, thank you, thank you

Submitted by Saran on 03/16/2023

Powerful Virgo Full Moon

Thank you for this insight!

Submitted by Ashley D on 03/07/2023


You are a true source of inspiration!

Submitted by Jason on 03/07/2023

genuine, authentic and a brilliant and beautiful astrology graciously giving us a glimpse of what's coming

Thank you Raquel for your beautiful sharing of the wisdom of astrology and how if applies to us in our lives.   I'm looking forward to joining you for my first LIVE Full Moon event.   Cheers!  You are the BEST.

Submitted by Donalee on 03/07/2023


Raquel is so heart centered, it is an honor to be a part of her circles and experience her offerings. Thank you for your service!

Submitted by G on 03/07/2023

The AMAZING beautiful, unforgettable Astrologer!

Raquel exudes with. Love, passion, enthusiasm, excitement, deep inner wisdom, and humor.I am so grateful Raquel has come into my life. Thank you SO much!!i

Submitted by Susan Sabbath on 03/02/2023

Amazing Experience

I had the most amazing experience with Raquel.  She was so spot on in all areas of my life.  She opened my eyes to areas in my life that I was feeling stuck and helped guide me to what my true destiny is.  She delivered the messages with kindness and from a place of love.  She took me on a journey that was a deep dive into my past, present and future.  She provided so much information that I feel confident that I can continue my journey and reach my true destiny.  Thank you so much Raquel!

Submitted by Georgine Welch on 02/28/2023

Amazing and Life Changing!

Thank you for the most wonderful reading the other day. It truly is life changing for me. When I heard,  'we are going deep', I did not realize just how deep that could really be. I know it's just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, and I cannot wait to hear more! I have dabbled in astrology and into my own chart over the years, because like I said, I want to learn ALL THE THINGS...but never have I come up with the information given to me. EVERYTHING was a confirmation of what I have felt and thought. I now know I CAN trust my intuition. Thank you for giving me such a gift, a beautiful perspective and for holding that space for me to learn and digest. Ms. Raquel, you are such a joy to listen to and to talk with!Also, the responsiveness from the first email to set up an appointment to being sent the replay so quickly...phenomenal...truly makes one feel seen and important. <span style="background-color: transparent;"> Again, I cannot thank you enough! I will be back!  Much love and beautiful blessings! </span>

Submitted by Lynne Stockley on 02/23/2023

Beautiful Soul and Kind heart! Thank you!

Raquel, Although I don’t understand a lot of Astrology I do love what you have to say! I appreciate your insight and enjoy every video you put out. I’ve been following you since you lived in Maine with your sweet kitty “Venus”.. I don’t have fb so I watch through my sisters page. I have lost contact many times due to my private issues.. Wondering if you do readings and can explain it for people who don’t understand a lot? I love the way you explain things and what a beautiful soft soul you have!! I watched your video with Rick Levine (he’s amazing) and was happy to see how they all enjoyed your input as much as I did! You’re unbelievable with all your knowledge. I only wish I was as smart! You have such a kind heart to offer these free videos!! Amazing heart to be exact! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to listening! Bless you “Our Sweet Astrology Angel”                                                                              

Submitted by Sherr on 02/04/2023

Love Raquel Spring!

She has a wonderful energy and communicates the meanings of the cosmos   in our human lives with vitality and wonder 

Submitted by Eileen on 02/01/2023

Raquel Spring is Awesome!!!

I did the transits/progressions session with Rachel, and all I can say is she is just Awesome!!! I've been struggling with some life decisions on career and relationship, and she was extremely helpful in pointing out how to best utilize the current and upcoming astrological transits in my life. Raquel is an expert and caring astrologer... book a session with her... you will not be disappointed. Thank You again Raquel.

Submitted by Kim Green on 02/01/2023

Incredibly Insightful Reading

Raquel holds a higher level perspective when conducting her readings.  She brought a new / fresh perspective through telling me things I'd never heard before in any prior reading which helped me really hone in on who I am, as well as what I'm here to achieve.  I've gained a new level of awareness of myself that's amplified my confidence.  So much makes sense now with regard to prior readings with other astrologers.  I highly recommend working with Raquel!

Submitted by Mariad625 on 01/18/2023

Solar Return Reading

I also treat myself to a Solar Return reading with Raquel and she never disappoints. She is always extremely precise and in-depth. I would highly recommend!

Submitted by Anne Marie on 01/05/2023

learning new things

thank you to Raquel for your insight & for sharing your gifts. i just met you  a few months ago via a zoom meeting with Scott Catamas. i subscribe to your email list & follow you on facebook.   i am looking forward to your zoom gathering later on the January 6th full moon. blessings to you...Susan 

Submitted by Susan Mathis on 01/04/2023

wisdom and magic combine to bring understanding

Every now and again you find the diamond in a ruff - that one individual that brings this the WISDOM to the MAGIC of astrology to dump an entire boatload of UNDERSTANDING upon you and ME.

Submitted by Donalee Gastreich Founder At Complete Solutions on 12/07/2022

❤️ Raquel Spring!

I absolutely adore Raquel Spring and her unique and intimate approach and knowledge of the vast and complicated astrological world we are navigating together here on earth. She is like a close, loving, trustworthy and supportive friend on this at times perilous seeming human journey we are all on together. I love her work and hope to learn even more from her as the years and months tick by us all!! 

Submitted by Elizabeth Derecktor on 12/05/2022

Beautiful soul sharing wisdom

Raquel is a true master of her craft and speaks from her soul. Her approach to astrology is deeply powerful. Sharing time and space with her is a true gift, one that will open you up to things within yourself that you already knew, and are now ready to embody. Raquel, thank you for sharing your gift and your spirit! 

Submitted by Meghan on 11/21/2022

Incredible! Life Changing

I am extremely grateful for Raquel!! Her reading of my Natal chart gave me tears of joy, chills all over and left me speechless. I never knew before an astrologer was able to understand on such a deep level about our soul and our mission here in this lifetime. So many habits in my life Raquel identified and was able to point me in the direction that is best suited for me in this lifetime. I am beyond excited to worth with her again to learn about my transits. By far the best thing I have done, having Raquel read my blueprint. I feel so much more confident in where I am heading now. HUGE sigh of relief ... THANK YOU THANK YOU RAQUEL , so much LOVE to you!! 

Submitted by Amanda Hardy on 11/21/2022

Full moon Taurus eclipse with bright and shiny Raquel!

I came across Raquel on Youtube over a year ago because of my interest in the moon cycles. I’ve been drawn in by the amazing insights she has shared. She has gently inspired, encouraged, and empowered me to look at my own birthchart and read it for myself. A year later, I get excited when I see her name pop up in my email notifications. This is the first time I have left a review but it is long overdue. Thank you Raquel for your generous spirit, patience, and love for all you do that has turned on many to awaken and tune into the universe. 

Submitted by Amaline Bassetti on 11/10/2022

In so much appreciation

Mahalo Muchas dearest Raquel Spring, I absolutely love your sharings and incredible precise and very clear guidance on how to innerstand our cosmic experience in the form. You're interpretations on astrology and how this cosmos works and connected into our human experience is so fascinating and I'm learning so much through you. Each transmission I feel - oh yes I innerstand this completely and this all feels so familiar and resonates completely. Even though ide never be able to repeat any of it - it feels like I know what you are sharing and that I've somehow heard it all before. It feels so FAMILIAR yours transmissions and shares! I truly found an astrologer vessle that I can relate and feel resonance with somewhat begin to comprehend the mysteries of the universe. Thank you with all my heart and can't wait to do my first astrology reading ever with you! And pretty much first one ever

Submitted by Love on 11/05/2022

So uplifting

Raquel- thank you - I appreciate you! How you look at things, the tools you open heartly share! The advice that is so profound, it wakes you up! You are a star ????

Submitted by Christina Hopkins on 11/05/2022

Générons and acurate

Thank you so much for your work ????????

Submitted by Lo on 11/05/2022

Intense and Beautiful

Generous of her time and knowledge, Raquel will bring you into your own inner private world….the one that you know and the one that you don’t !  There are no “should” or “could”.  Just a beautiful encounter with a Lady that serves as a conduit between the planets and you so that you can finally "get" the enigma of your soul.  Thank you Raquel!

Submitted by France on 10/20/2022


Exactly out of this world. How can you not be astounded. Thank you

Submitted by Trudy on 10/06/2022

balanced and beautiful

Gemini sister you have such grace and poise the kind depth you share is divine emanating & light on astrology. Thank you for giving us some of your wise insight through the years.

Submitted by Sheila Armstrong on 10/05/2022


Raquel is a wise woman teacher and listening to her deepens my field of knowledge 

Submitted by Spa To Go on 10/05/2022

The JoY Link

My session with Raquel was a pure joy, awakening and activation of my true essence. All was done in connection with my higher self and soul purpose. Raquel goes through the planets and transits like a tooth fairy dropping coins of gold right into your heart! Her reading reflected this profound understanding of a soul journey and vibrant  evolution of love, for love, with love. Raquel shared heart-to-heart openings of big windows of opportunities sparkling light into a path of truth in being human. She revealed the way of love within to my inner child with the gentleness and wisdom of a true mystic revealing the essential of your life in flow with the cosmos. Do not hesitate to use Raquel for her accuracy and mind-blowing assessments on what is and what will be. Thank you so much for showing up in my life in this critical juncture. Beijos❤️

Submitted by Josiane Apollon on 10/02/2022

Natal Chart Reading

Raquel's reading was simple, concise, and heart opening. I could expound on how powerful, impactful, and precise her readings are, but, what stood out to me the most, were the events AFTER the reading. Raquel is/has been initiated into some profound feminine energies and codes. The night that followed my reading, I had what I can only describe as, a facilitation of inherent abilities, but taken to a next level of clarity. Almost like the grace and warm touch of a shimmering summer light, whispering to a budding seed, that it is ok, to come out, and grow.

Submitted by Richard Marquetty on 09/14/2022

Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Raquel provided so much wisdom and insights during our session. I was able to gain more clarity on my purpose and mission and we will rewatch the recording again for sure. I would definitely recommend a session with Raquel and could have talked to her for hours!

Submitted by Michelle on 09/11/2022

Priceless Empowering Passionate

Raquel is a beautiful nurturing soul sister who was a catalyst in guiding me on my adventurous unfolding path. Her wisdom and shared knowledge provided me with deeper innerstanding of myself and the perceived world around me.  I cannot express effectively with words (tears pouring remembering) the insecurity of my being wanting to break free of ego's limitations. I now KNOW I am unique through Divine Creation. I have Divine Purpose, we all do. I have released all guilt or shame and stand strong in my Uranian light sharing my wisdom with anyone who feels lost or unloved. Absolutely life changing and worth every penny! I normally struggle with focus and long term interest. Raquel kept me intrigued and ready for more. She is articulate and committed to her students innerstanding the deeper meaning of astrology. I am proud to be her soul sister and would gladly stand by her should the need ever arise.

Submitted by Angela Potts on 09/10/2022

Astrology Mentorship Program - An In Depth Journey Through The Soul & Heart of Astrology

I absolutely love the learning journey in Raquel’s Astrology Mentorship Program. I have gained so much insight and absolutely recommend any Astrology lover to embarque on this amazing and in depth program. What I have learnt with Raquel has made my kinesiology sessions so insightful for my clients. I integrate the knowledge I have gained at the soul level in Raquel’s program and this has made such a difference to my clients to be able to have a kinesiology balance incorporating aspects of their chart. Raquel is not a cookbook teacher, she communicates the soul essence of the archetypes and this is such a valuable way to tap into Astrology insightThank you Raquel, insight and dedication. Much gratitud ????????????Monica NunezHolistic Mind Body TempleAustralia

Submitted by Holistic Mind Body Temple on 09/10/2022

Keep The Faith

Eternal Blessings 

Submitted by Anthony James Alibrandi on 09/08/2022

Very Gifted

I found Raquel on the you tube channel.I love her and the fact that she is a 3 Generational astrologer. I understand her very well. Thank You Raquel.

Submitted by Tammy on 09/08/2022

Thank you Raquel Spring!

I fine Raquel Spring to be one of the most in-depth while incredibly broad, insightful and passionate astrologers of my lifetime who is willing to sweetly, beautifully and bravely delve into some of our biggest shadow work as a human species. She is very generous and loving with excellent intuition and clear healthy boundaries when needed for the benefit of all her students and followers. I hope this new platform and this review bring many worthy souls to her and May our web of light expand forever more with help from guides like Raquel. Bless you sister and all you do for humanity at this whirlwind time! 

Submitted by Riverland Living Arts Center on 09/08/2022

La crème de la crème

I have been a mentore and received a reading from Raquel. She is a true gift to the world of astrology. The nuggets of knowledge I got from her are invaluable!Thank you Raquel

Submitted by Catherine Rd, Astrologue on 09/08/2022

Out of time

I have had readings with Raquel since 2016.In a sense actions speak louder than words.Raquel is professional , deep, sensitive, very witty, understanding and more importantly genuine and compassionate.The art of the chart is key of freedom .Raquel untangles the intricacies of the different transits we can go through .She tells us what we need / we should to focus on now. "Freedom begins where ignorance ends". Victor Hugo Raquel gave me so much insight , after each readingI know myself better .The knowledge coming from  our different charts (progressed , solar return..) is the key to freedom. Raquel is a precious and spiritual messenger of  the stars and planets. A thousand thanks . Nathalie

Submitted by Nathalie on 09/05/2022

Moment out of time

I have had readings with Rachel since 2016.In a sense actions speak louder than words.Rachel is professional , deep, sensitive, very witty, understanding and more importantly genuine and compassionate.The art of the chart is key of freedom .Rachel untangles the intricacies of the different transits we can go through .She tells us what we need / we should to focus on now. "Freedom begins where ignorance ends." Victor Hugo Raquel gave me so much insight , after each readingI know myself better .The knowledge coming from  our different charts (progressed , solar return..) is the key to freedom. Raquel is a precious and spiritual messenger of  the stars and planets. A thousand thanks . Nathalie

Submitted by Nathalie on 09/05/2022

AMAZING illuminating and loving couples reading

My partner and I were so blessed to receive a couples reading from Raquel. It was deep and illuminating and beautiful and revealed so many fascinating dimensions both of our individual charts and our composite charts. Including so much we learned about more obscure aspects of astrology like the Black Moon Lilith and other asteroids, as well as information about our past lives together. Raquel really took her time with us, and was so genuinely warm and loving and we both felt like we received so much healing and activation just from her presence and energy. She is a generous and loving teacher. Grateful for her wisdom and deep profound knowledge of the intuitive arts and astrology as it guides us on the next phase of our exciting journey together as a couple. We will be listening to the recording for a long time to come! Thank you so much, Raquel. Love and blessings to you!! 

Submitted by A & R on 08/25/2022

Amazing Teacher

Dear Raquel, Thank you for your webinar on the Aquarius full moon and teaching about the significance of Saturn aspecting this full moon and its role in soul contracts. My nadir is in Aquarius at 11 degrees. My father made his transition on August 16, 2022. Your webinar helped me to understand his soul contract with my mother. I have witnessed immense love between my mother and father that I have never before seen, at the end of his life. His profound suffering opened my mother's heart I didn't think possible. He fulfilled his contract and transitioned to heaven. I would not have understood the depth of this situation if it weren't for your webinar. My father transitioned THANK YOU! Love, Rachel

Submitted by Rachel Ho on 08/20/2022

Solar Return Chart Reading and Semi-annual astrological check-in

Raquel is an awesome teacher and mentor who does soulful readings with kindness and grace. I have been going to her regularly since 2020 and she has guided me through many a difficult transits and life events. She is also my astrology teacher. I highly recommend her readings and her mentorship program.

Submitted by Debjani on 08/18/2022

A Session with Raquel is Life Changing!

Just one session with Raquel last Fall changed my outlook on my life FOR THE BETTER!  In a time of extreme transition and uncertainty regarding my career path, Raquel validated all the things I was being lead to do, but had been reluctant to forge ahead in fear of making an incorrect move or investing time and money in the wrong things.  I also received validation to begin speaking my truth about a radical topic.  Raquel also told me I would be moving in the Summer and I would likely be very surprised about the location. I had completely forgotten about this prediction and had zero plans to leave Laguna Beach, but within a couple day period in May, I received multiple signs that my chapter at the beach was complete and I was guided to move half way across the country to the last place I thought I would ever live!  Her prediction was SPOT ON!  I am so grateful for Raquel’s dedication to astrology and her guidance in my life.  I will call on Raquel as a resource the rest of my life!

Submitted by Crista Mo'orea Collins Transformational Alchemist on 08/12/2022

Uplifting Inspiring Raquel Spring is infectious!!

I was anticipating challenging,difficult energies for this full moon and had a deep sense of foreboding.I am facing & have been dealing with many very difficult challenges this past year,particularly with regards to my 25 yr old son,who has been also facing many huge challenges(which spiralled him into deep depression.)Its been lots of turmoil and an emotional roller coaster.It was incredibly refreshing to have glowing,positively bubbly Raquel lifting our spirits with her higher perspective&bigger picture overview! Its given me a longer range perspective. I now feel inspired, uplifted by Raquels infectious positive energy!Raquel does touch on the shadow side & acknowledges that there will be upheaval,difficult challenges & turmoil as the old stuctures crumble away over the next few years.However she gives great advice on how to deal with all this & what to focus on personally.I’m disappointed, my battery died &I didn’t get to hear the last part.Thank you sooo much beautiful lady!

Submitted by Moni on 08/11/2022

A reading with Raquel brought greater understanding and clarity than I've ever received in a reading, over 3 decades!

My reading with Raquel, brought clarity that is life changing- from that day and it continues! I had a Natal Chart Reading. While continue to flow into new possibility since my reading... all that was brought to light, with the clarity around where I've been... it was a huge aha, that's it, I get it, so clear in hindsight, amazing! And with that, a clear vision of what my soul growth, greatest satisfaction, path of least resistance is longing to have me live daily.... amazing. Much love, thanks & gratitude for the gift shared. Thank you, Raquel!  

Submitted by Jennifer James on 08/11/2022

Ana luisa from Mexico

I follow you since last year on Youtube and I love your podcasts on Astrology! You have such beautiful insight Thanks for sharing Rachel!

Submitted by Ana Luisa on 08/11/2022


 Very good , thanks!

Submitted by Amirghane on 08/11/2022

Spark of life

I always feel a fresh spark of life when I see Raquel Spring has uploaded a new video. Raquel’s interpretation of Astrological aspects  is supremely  sublime. She is akin to a Goddess assisting one to navigate  the Heavens...Like all of us I have a highly Raquel  is one of a two astrologers i trust

Submitted by S.an Juan Gourmet Mushrooms on 08/10/2022

My favorite astrologer❤

Thank you. I am impressed with your knowledge and presentation

Submitted by Tammy on 08/10/2022

Thank you

Raquel is a healer with the Stars , she has a deep understanding of the human heart and soul and it's infinite dance with the universe. Much Love,Iris.

Submitted by Iris on 08/10/2022

Just Thankful for you Raquel

I don't have many I can turn to for the type of guidance you provide. I have always felt connected with you and i have learned to listen to my intuition. In your last video you stated that chiron is in your taurus house. Chiron is in mine as well. When you said that I was like Wow! After watching your video I came to understand that healing the wound I have had with my own mother is where I am at. Because of this I never wanted a daughter, but as of a month ago, my mindset is starting to change. I have 2 boys now, but...Anyhow, I love you and am so thankful ???? 

Submitted by Tee on 08/09/2022

Intelligent Inspiration

Oh Raquel,Poignant passion for translation to the world...So grateful.Looking forward to seeing your personal reading soon.

Submitted by Eileen Rita on 08/09/2022

Raquel dives deep and brings up the hidden truths!

I'm so blessed to have received an astrology reading from Raquel!!! Like I said, Raquel dives deep and brings up the hidden truths! She was able to tell me all I was feeling about myself at a deeper level that no other astrologer epressed fully to me. She brings clarity, compassion and a direction forward in her readings. I loved every minutes! The activations throughout are still creating postive and powerful shifts in my life and in only a short time. So amazing! Thank you Raquel! You are a blessing and a treasure. Munay,Maggie

Submitted by Maggie on 07/28/2022

The Best

Without a doubt, Raquel is one of the finest astrology practitioners I have known. She makes the planets come alive and dance together in an understandable and concise way. I highly recommend her services.  

Submitted by Lynn Abee on 07/28/2022

Astrology session like no other!

Where do I begin?  First of all, what an honor and true joy to share energy with Raquel!  She embodies integrity, joy, love, and incredible astrological knowledge.  The session unfolded beautifully and was spot ON!  It is wonderful to have so many confirmations and to be gently reminded of my Soul's journey and major area of growth at this time.  If you truly want to be SEEN and want to SEE, time spent with Raquel is such a gift of the heart and affirmation for the Soul. Infinite gratitude and love to you, Raquel for your divine service!

Submitted by Deborah Elliott on 07/27/2022

Z Wildgrass Messiah

There are many astrologers I AM listening to on a regular basis & they all have something 'special' to offer......but I always come back to Raquel Spring's delightful & pleasing 'voice' !!!More than anything I love to listen to Her sweet, insightful voice giving the interpretations of what is happeneng in the skies above. And I do remember Her mentioning in the 2022 forecast that end of July & start of Aug. will BE the 'tipping-point' of this transformational year in 2022 astrology. Thank U so much, Raquel, for Being a truthful U in every which way & reminding Us that in Z End LOVE is A most important ENERGY to empower & connect 2 together

Submitted by Cosmoss-beatledom on 07/26/2022

So amazing

I have a pretty good feeling about my soul's journey.  I just did not realize how much of it is revealed in Astrology and she really knew how to reveal to me through her knowledge of all aspects of Astrology.  She gave me a gift of affirmation.  

Submitted by Julia Stauffer on 07/26/2022

Soulful Natal Chart Reading

Raquel was God/Universe sent! She was recommended to me at a time when I was seeking clarity on how to proceed with my path after outgrowing a phase of my life. Raquel's Natal Chart Reading strongly resonated with my soul because she clearly described, in astrology's language, everything I had already experienced, where I stood, and the direction I am destined to go in order to fulfill my life's purpose. I was in awe listening to my Natal Chart reading, especially when Raquel touched on the North node and tied my life's experience together - it all came together and made perfect sense!! I highly recommend this reading to everyone as it is a powerful tool for understanding one's life purpose. I am looking forward to learning and growing my Astrology knowledge with Raquel! Thank you, Raquel!

Submitted by Yvette on 07/26/2022

Solar Return/Transits astrological reading

What a beautiful session w/ Raquel. She has her craft down for sure. Her skillset is spot on w/ her multidimensional perspective bringing together a beautiful tapestry of the whole picture of the client and their trajectory. This is how I felt today. Her soul is speaking to your soul. If you are called to have a reading with her it is for a reason. I encourage you to seek that out. I feel wonderful, excited, armed and ready to embrace and face my next phases in this life. Just what I was looking for. My wings have been wanting to stretch and fly and nowafter Raquel's insights I feel like I will be soaring   

Submitted by Eva P. on 07/19/2022

Listen and be aware

Raquel is who I listen to astrologically as a guide, teacher, leader in her field without any negativity associated with the messages and signs from the firmament of the heavens. I enjoy her calm leader.

Submitted by Amy Jabbour on 07/18/2022


I want to thank you for letting us watch the reply since I have time zone difference. Very grateful I am.

Submitted by Gina on 07/17/2022

A gift from above

Amazing,kind,smart, gorgeous, knowledgeable, and inspiring! Thanks for everything that you do to make our lives better and more profound 

Submitted by Sam on 07/17/2022



Submitted by Cesar Chavez Aka Karambir Singh on 07/16/2022

Guidance and Wisdom

Raquel came into my reality just before my awakening. Through her guidance and wisdom I could navigate with grace into my transition to a new reality. I have a lot of respect for Raquel’s work and what she has to say. I feel like it was a gift from higher places and even part of my destiny to have access to Raquel’s message!So thank you Raquel, you played a key role in my evolution!Love and light always.Laura

Submitted by Laura on 07/16/2022

Extremely valuable and unique astrologer

I highly value and appreciate Raquel’s wisdom, love, and presence that she shares. I have had a session with her, been part of the Mentorship Program, & join her monthly community gatherings. All have been fun, illuminating, and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve been studying astrology for years, and noticed that Raquel brings a perspective and clarity to astrology that I haven’t witnessed in other astrologers. I’ll never forget the class she did on oppositions, it felt like for the first time I had real clarity on this topic. She accurately described the lived experience, and also the way to work with them effectively.If you want to learn about your own astrology consider getting your questions answered in a session, or check out her Full Set. If you want more information about what’s going on in the sky currently, learn about other types of charts like Lunar or Solar returns, consider joining the Mentorship Program. She shares her own lived experience, rarely do other astrologers do that.

Submitted by Andrea Reed on 07/16/2022

Brilliant teacher

Raquel is an amazing astrologer and teacher. She dives deep from a heart, soul, essence perspective, and her way of teaching and explaining things is very unique and authentic. I have been in the mentorship program since the beginning, and I am so great full for having Raquel as a teacher and for having her in my life. 

Submitted by Sizze on 07/16/2022

Amazing energy

RaquelThank you for bringing so much energy to July’s full moon session. You give hope and love to all participants. 

Submitted by Kurt on 07/16/2022


Raquel has been such a blessing in my journey.  I was guided to her in perfect timing.  She has assisted me in dealing with some powerful energies in my chart.  Her voice and her grace is very healing.  She has a way of embracing you through turbulent times.  Blessings.. Treya

Submitted by Treya on 07/15/2022


Raquel is a beautiful combination of intuitive and scientific that creates space for unique insights.  

Submitted by Masha on 07/15/2022

Raquel = Real Deal

Raquel has steadily and strongly evolved into an integrous, comprehensive, relevant, and no-nonsense guide. Also, if you have Black Moon Lillith "active" in your chart, Raquel is your top choice!

Submitted by Kathy on 07/15/2022

Raquel Spring

Raquel is truly awesome and such a beautiful soul... her grasp of astrology is amazing, and she is an excellent teacher.  The way she explains things just draws you in...  If you want to understand astrology, join her Mentorship program. 

Submitted by Kim Green on 07/14/2022

Black Moon Lilith

As I look up in the night sky at the beautiful Black Moon Lilith full moon, I am grateful for Raquel Springs' teachings on this critically important subject. For the first time in my life I am experiencing true freedom. Now that I can see clearly now I can move forward with confidence. 

Submitted by Black Moon Lily on 07/14/2022


Her knowledge and ability to make it understanding to a layman is Amazing.

Submitted by Julia on 07/13/2022

Capricorn Full moon

What a wonderful event!It totally aligned with all that I’m experiencing in my life.Raquel, your love and compassion are contagious! Thank you !Diana 

Submitted by Diana on 07/13/2022

Insightful and Meaningful

I always love listening to Raquel's wisdom, and I especially love her yearly Black Moon Lilith focus. Raquel approaches astrology with deep wisdom, much experience - and so much light and joy. I have found a lot of encouragement in my personal life from Raquel's videos. Thank you!!

Submitted by Alesha S. | Salt Lake City, Utah on 07/13/2022


Thank you so much Raquel, for what you bring in this new Wold . Much love ????

Submitted by Joey Lavoie on 07/13/2022

An Angel

Raquel your guidance is totally in tune with my heart and my soul journey. You are  in deep resonance with all of us that are marrying awakening and embodiment ecstatic leveling, uplifting. I personally feel you as a pure angelic powerful servant of source in sound of total silence as sensorial is in alignment with deep innersolar channeling with each transmission, class recording that you create with the divine generosity of your soul.Infinite reverence and gratitude for your divine support.

Submitted by Stefana on 07/13/2022

five stars!

raquel is a fantastic astrologer and wonderful soul. thank you for your service and kindness!

Submitted by David Bussell on 07/13/2022

Heartful astrology ????❤️✨

Rachel is one of my favorites!! ❤️???????? Her astrology is allways on point and honest, bringing the harsh or beautiful truth as it is , so we can allways have the growth and love we need together , she is allways a source of light and love in my journey , thank you beautiful Rachel!! ❤️????????????????With love , Valeria ????❤️✨

Submitted by Prem Anusha Valeria on 07/13/2022

The Forbidden Knowledge

I was always interested in astrology and you tube was an easy way to find information. So through the years I was checking out almost all astrologers and tarot readers and a lot of other stuff… But when I found Raquel, that was it! No need for anyone else. Not only does she talk about the what’s and when’s but also about the how’s and why’s. She has a unique way of explaining everything in a warm and positive way. And although a Gemini she is really great!!! But that’s just my opinion, right? If you are really into astrology DO check her out and find out for yourself. But remember this: if you see her once you are hooked for life! ????❤️

Submitted by Andreas on 07/12/2022

Loving Wayshowership

Raquel is a such a knowledgeable, kind, authentic and loving person. Love oozes from her when she shares her astrology knowledge. What she shares is always informative, supportive, and strengthening. She really knows what she is talking about. She is no doubt here to assist humanity evolve. She's an inspiring wayshower, using her deep knowledge of astrology to show the way forward. 

Submitted by L Marie on 07/12/2022

You are a guiding star

Thank you for always being a guiding light in my life. You are one of the most valuable people in my life, and i dont say that lightly. I feel absolutely blessed and thankful every time i get to hear your guidance. I am strong and balanced but you just give me that extra guidance that i feel no one else gives me. I love you and i just wanted to give back by saying Thank you. 

Submitted by Tracie Sullivan on 07/12/2022

July 13

Raquel, thank you so much for your generous gift. I first heard you on Friday evening on the Awakening World. I was asking for more astrology. You are amazing with your knowledge of the planets and stars. I am thinking of having a personal session with you. I am grateful to have your beautiful presence and knowledge in my life.

Submitted by None on 07/12/2022

Full Cap Moon

Thank you so much for this community gathering on the full moon!  Your kindness and passion are an inspiration and I gain insight into myself with the information you share.  Polarity reality can be difficult to navigate, (half of the time, lol), and I feel like I broaden my understanding of my experiences, and that helps smooth out the journey.  Sending out love to you and the community!!

Submitted by Hilary Von Limbacn on 07/12/2022


Dearest RaquelI feely very pampered by your free talk tonight (Switzerland, 1 am on the 14th????????????)Thank you from the bottom of my lioness heart for all your support, energy & passion❤️Looking forward & send you lots of love to you????????????

Submitted by Sandra on 07/12/2022

Raquel reveals to us how accurate Gods clock really is!

Raquel is generous with her information and as always Spot On! Everything happening now is based on the planetary alignments! Can wait to watch this one. I am anticipating what might occur next in this great awakening!  It's a avalanche now. 

Submitted by Matt Brinck on 07/12/2022

One of the best astrology mentorship programs ever

I’ve been a huge fan of Raquel since 2018, and enrolled in her mentorship program in 2019. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! She creates great, educational contents which are both beginner-friendly and adept-friendly. Her wisdom offers to put your divine feminine at work and helps you grow with grace. I can’t thank her enough for her guidance, it’s been so timely and needed.

Submitted by Marisa V. on 07/12/2022

Gathering Together

Raquel has a profound understanding of astrological cycles that she is able to convey in a terminology that is easy to grasp for listeners that are not necessarily astrological experts. Beyond this, she also shares wisdom that awakens the interest of more advanced astrological viewers. Above all, I enjoy Raquel's open-hearted being.

Submitted by Amano Sahaj on 07/12/2022

Thank you Raquel!

Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge with the world. I love keeping up to date with the transits with you and this community

Submitted by Chenae on 07/12/2022

Multidimensional Astrology

Raquel is a powerful intuitive and astrologer. I have had many astrology readings and Raquel's reading was the best reading I have ever experienced. She has a unique ability to see how you and your chart weave together from a multidimensional perspective. She is the perfect mentor for anyone who needs clear guidance. 

Submitted by Spiritual Expansion Academy - Melissa Feick on 07/01/2022