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Hello there and Welcome  I am so happy to be here and connect with all of you! ! I'm semi-retired and spend a lot of my time with like-minded changemakers doing personal work and evolving spiritually. It's the only and best way to survive in today's most challenging world. We have such a beautiful community. Here's my somewhat outdated website...

Somatic Therapy and Functional Medicine Nutrition (especially detoxing naturally) is my focus and I also assist terminally ill patients in the most profound event of their lives...death and their most powerful next journey. Education around death is helping so many to accept and welcome their truth. I'll be studying with William J. Peters check out his book, "At Heaven's Door". Presently I am participating in a year long program with Matt Licata, PhD.

Meet Suzy Karasik, MA, DCN, CIHP, CMT, CPD     Yes all those initials have helped me to help you....      

I used to refer to my work as Whole Person Coaching. It most definitely is that, however after doing my own “purpose” work I realized at the core of my being, I AM A TEACHER. I am here to share knowledge as a Mentor and as an Activist.  I never really had a true mentor and it is my passion to be that for YOU. I sometimes wonder what might have been different. I accept now that my life journey has brought me to exactly where I need to be…with YOU. I have spent decades finding my way in the world; becoming a whole person, continuously improving my health, financial stability, spiritual practice, breathwork and personal happiness. I think at some level, we all want to reclaim that innocent, not so wounded younger person we used to be. 

Life experiences take a toll. I know how to refresh that hard drive and re-acquaint you with who you truly are.I am so fortunate to have learned from many respected teachers and my own experiments in how to navigate one’s life. Boundlessly examining numerous modalities of health, science, business, and of course personal and professional relationships, I believe I have established some workable truths. As our relationship develops, I will share with you what will be helpful in your journey. Sharing knowledge is core to who I am. Finding that perfect whole person within you, is my skill. Learning from you is tantamount to our success.

I began my professional career as a history teacher. I taught school for 3 years after university and am still connected to my students after 25 years, in fact one has been working with me 6+ years! I also do tutoring locally. After working in Real Estate, Hotel Conventions and Event Planning with Hyatt Hotels, and a decade in very innovative and exciting segments of Silicon Valley, two booms and lots of vaporware, LOL!   In 1990 I chose to take a break from the corporate world. In 1993 I completed a Master’s Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Somatics and a Certificate in Integral Health, from California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CIIS.  During and after graduate school I attended every workshop and training imaginable to learn as much as I could about myself and what modalities work best for my life; that is an endless and most enjoyable journey. My internship working with homeless, HIV+ crack and heroin addicts in the Tenderloin of San Francisco soon found me as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Malawi, Africa. I spent 3 years there and in South Africa and to this day have returned for visits and maintain powerfully meaningful relationships. It was there I was trained in Permaculture Design and further developed my work in Eco-Psychology and Psycho-Neuro-immunology – it’s easier to understand than to spell! Being forced to take anti-malarials began an unbeknownst deterioration of my digestive tract (microbiome) which eventually revealed itself. I completed a Diploma in Comprehensive Nutrition and have taken it to the next level, healing myself and believing Functional Medicine Nutrition is most effective. Getting to the root cause is critical. 

I worked in Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS education and treatment. I studied to be a Yoga Teacher and have practiced yoga for over four decades. I have studied everything from Acupuncture to Watsu and here’s a few in between: NLP (neurolinguistic programming), NVC (Non-Violent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg) and on-going study with Thomas Huebl, Mutuality and Evolutionary Consciousness with Patricia Albere, Ken Wilbur and Integral Life, Tim Kelley’s numerous program on Finding Your Blessing and Healing Childhood Wounds, Voice Dialogue, hypnosis, massage therapy, acupressure, biofeedback, holotropic breathwork, Enneagram, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Chinese medicine and Ayurveda (the basics), numerous religious practices, spiritual practices, meditation and Breathwork and so much that has made me who I am.

I know a fair amount about a lot of things and I want to exchange knowledge with you.Throughout the years, I have worked for myself as a consultant to the corporate world, and consider myself one of the best when it comes to lead generation and business development. I love to stay informed and up on what all the new bright cultural creatives are doing, and I tell you some of it is unfathomable! We must learn how to operate successfully in our inner and the outer world, and to be in peace with both. 

A lifelong Activist, seeking the highest good for the most people, I find it critically important and fulfilling to Give Back and to Speak Out when it comes to Mother Earth in all her glory. My focus is Climate, Social Justice and more recently political affairs that affect all of us and need to be addressed starting at the COMMUNITY level. I have been a longtime Volunteer with the Pachamama Alliance, Citizen’s Climate Lobby, IONS, Ken Wilber's Integral Theory, Consciousness Hacking, Code Pink and  the Climate Reality Project! I [used to] offer a 4 week introduction to Paul Hawken’s DRAWDOWN and combine that with the most up to date and valuable factual information. There is work to be done and opportunities abound to make a difference. If you are a CHANGEMAKER, let’s collaborate and grow together. I am most happt to be a part of The GLOBAL PEACE TRIBE and Awakening World....join is!

I have travelled extensively throughout my life, I am fascinated with other cultures and their rituals. I am adept at aligning myself with anyone, almost anywhere. I volunteer in the areas of sustainability and anything green, with people building community. I seek a brighter future for our planet. I believe that everything is about relationship and respect for all beings. No matter the issue, we work together to clarify how this is manifesting in your life, how you are now or want to be in any situation, and what you want to accomplish. We identify and implement the best strategies to move from the present situation to the desired outcome. 

My task is to help you to uncover and shine a light on that magnificence within you. It will be my honor to understand you and what you need, and to partner with you. And finally.. The TEACHER in me wants you to gather a group of 3 or 4 people and do a series of “classes” of your choosing. We’ll have content and assignments, class discussions, and identify the paths that become evident as you continue to learn and grow. We can do it online and see each other; school our way!        SuzyKCoach@gmail.com     510-691-4052  call me anytime - Pacific Time!

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