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The Melchizedek Method of AxialTonal Alignment - Virtual Sessions with Soaring Eagle

Sedona, 86336

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About The Melchizedek Method of AxialTonal Alignment - Virtual Sessions with Soaring Eagle

AxialTonal Healing with Soaring EagleAxialTonal activates a 5th dimensional circulatory system as is described in the Keys of Enoch, Key 317. Once activated, the damage caused by Original Sin (Separation) has been repaired forever. This connects you as a conduit of energy between Father Thought and Mother Form as the memory complex / personality forming the Trinity. In short, AxialTonal is an initiation into Divine Consciousness whereby upon the moment you ask the question, you remember the answers as if you've always known it.

We are available 8 AM to 8 PM PST to give in-person or virtual counsel and treatments.

$81 per session, which includes all 3 levels of AxialTonal, plus time on the Quantron Resonance System (QRS) mat, which is a Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Mat. The additional benefits of the FDA-approved QRS mat include cell rejuvenation, pain relief, and relaxation. It can treat a variety of ailments and breaks up calcium, including around the pineal gland and the arteries. For more information please visit: https://www.qrs.com.

The healing aspects of AxialTonal is a side effect of becoming One with All. I have seen countless miracles resulting from AxialTonal. It's difficult for dis-ease to exist in a state of Unconditional Love. 

I began a conscious spiritual journey in 1980. I was honored to be mentored by 2 great Native American Elders, Chief Little Summer, Hawk Clan Chief of the Shawnee and Grandfather Hollis LittleCreek of the Red Lakes Anishinaabe. I've passed teachings I've received from Little Summer (Shamanic Kundalini and Chakra Light Magic) to over 10,000 individuals from lip to ear. Grandfather Hollis trained us in the Sweat Lodge Pipe Ceremony carving the red stone and many of us became Sun Dancers. Under his tutelage, we became a village here in Sedona back in the 90s. 

In 2005, at the Elders Gathering, I was asked to be Chief of the Many Walks. I was given the quest in 1987 to find and establish the homeland for the Tribe of the Phoenix, which I'm sure you'll understand is here in Sedona. We who are Tribe of the Phoenix are those who are willing to walk through the flames of our fear that we might know the Love of God on the other side that we may never know fear again as we experience Heaven unfolding upon us. 

You can find me living here in Sedona, Arizona at Casa Remuda, Sedona, where I operate as Super Host of our AirBnb. We attract people from all over the world seeking something and through the laws of cause and effect they end up in my care. My job here is to assist my brothers and sisters in their awakening process, whatever that journey may look like for them. 

With basic simple truths, the Limitless of Creation and the Unfoldment of Heaven on Earth is at our fingertips and within our grasp. Ask and you shall receive.Due to the Astral nature of AxialTonal, this process can be transmitted telepathically. Although there's nothing wrong with taking a trip to Sedona to receive a hands-on session, we've had success doing virtual sessions on zoom and have had very positive response. 

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8 AM - 8 PM Monday-Sunday, by appointment only
In-person and Virtual sessions are available

Soaring Eagle also conducts trainings for practitioners throughout the year. Please. contact directly for further details.
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The Melchizedek Method of AxialTonal Alignment - Virtual Sessions with Soaring Eagle
41 Remuda Road
Sedona, 86336