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Posted 01/08/2023 in Divine Feminine by Lisa McCardle

SHE Awakens

Are You feeling the CALL?

Are you ready?

You have suffered long enough, Sister.

No more invisibility or putting yourself “out to Pasture.” You are a sacred and holy vessel of infinite Inner Wisdom; you hold the codes of deeply ancient and profoundly sacred feminine knowledge within you. It is time for your rebirth to rise up new, whole, holy, and empowered. 

The planet needs you to rise up and remember, to claim your truth and find your unapologetic proclamation of “I AM!”As the feminine rises in the second coming of the golden age, Mama Gaia needs you to stand so she, too, can rise. As the feminine rises, so too will the masculine. We clear the shame, pain, and confusion of these superpowers as we create balance and unity of these two frequencies that live within each human.

I am SHE, You are SHE, We are SHE, and together we RISE arm in arm, heart to heart, womb to womb…

ANSWER THE CALLING---https://lisamccardle.com/she-awakens/

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