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Acknowledge Your Wounds - Embrace Your Shadows

Acknowledge Your Wounds - Embrace Your Shadows

Love is a creation of a higher dimension we can’t consciously perceive. Love is not a tangible item, it cannot be contained nor bought. Love is the one thing that we are capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space. We should trust it even if we can’t understand it.  

Living in constant survival makes us become attached to things that we did not even know existed within us. If we have attachments in our life, whether they be to relationships, work, money, sex or our own behavioral patterns, our lightbody craves to be with other people with the same attachments. It is the most powerful emotion at that foundational level and is what makes us human. 

Becoming (more) spiritual means that you have to be able to look at yourself, other people, and situations without taking things to such a personal level that it makes them intertwine with one another. Spirituality teaches us to love those who have hurt us the most. It teaches us to see the lessons in every wound before it can be healed, remembering that raising our vibration doesn’t mean just living a positive life and thinking happy thoughts or trying to think and act positively all the time. It takes a lot of work if we’re still stuck inside. 

We have to return to our authentic self in order to align our vibration with that of a truly spiritual experience. To return to our authentic self we have to heal all of the wounds we wish not to see. The unexpressed emotional patterns and pain will never die – we bury them alive, and they wait to come up even stronger and uglier than before once they are released!  Suppressed emotions gain energy and get stronger; like feeding them through an IV that is invisible but felt by everyone who is attached or corded in (good or bad doesn’t matter), then it starts to leak out the IV, poisoning us and everyone around.

During this huge transition of humanity, in order to evolve into a new age of higher consciousness and as spiritual beings, the importance of healing oneself is unavoidable.

Acknowledge your Wounds – Embrace your Shadows

Healing begins with understanding our wounds and shadows. The process of facing our shadows is challenging because it is asking us to be honest and truthful with ourselves and to look at what's beneath the surface. We must leave the comfort of our patterns and behaviors that we have created in order to break free, transform fear and pain, and lead a meaningful life.

In the course Shamballa Pathways - Shadow we will discover the shadows created from our unhealed wounds, how they define our behavior, create patterns and belief systems, and how they manifest in our body.

Through the 9 module course you will gain an understanding of the Pathways and how they impact your physical body, how they connect to specific organs, amino acids, and any illness or debilitation. Whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual, this will allow you break open the gateways for healing and spiritual acceleration. To evolve spiritually, to remember who you are, and to reach higher dimensional frequencies, and to drop our attachment to our shadows.

Kristi Stefanic
Seven Rays Of The Sun

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