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Posted 02/07/2024 in Channeling by Keleena Malnar

Connect With Your Dragon to Activate Your Unique Abilities~Webinar

Connect With Your Dragon to Activate Your Unique Abilities~Webinar

Join Keleena on February 10th as the Chinese New Year 2024 sets in motion the year of the Wood Dragon. 

Have you wanted to meet your elemental dragon, your dragon energy? Are you ready to understand how to utilize this energy to assist you in various moments in your life for Healing, Transformation, Clearing, Feminine work, Emotional, Protection/Guardian, Gridwork, Psychic Assistance, etc., and use it in your daily work to shift your results in many ways?

If you answered yes, join Keleena as she gracefully utilizes her powerful source-aligned abilities by channeling the elemental dragon energies and all languages of light with DNA key code activations so that you may activate your unique abilities within. More will be revealed in the webinar. 

There is Great Respect for the Dragons and their Powers. Are you ready to take back your power & courage to another level in becoming one with yours? If so, this webinar is for you.

February 10th, 2024

11:30 AM MST Sedona, USA

Donation:  $26

Length: 90+ minutes


This will be recorded. You will receive the webinar replay available for 30 days to listen, or if you cannot join live, you may purchase it later with a 30-day replay. 

Keleena provides her FREE dragon-clearing video from her YouTube for you to utilize and listen to before the webinar. This video is perfect for returning to all year when you need a powerful clearing.

©Keleena Malnar, Magdalena Sacred Heart Ministry

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