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Introducing Awakening to Oneness - Free Livestream Experience

Introducing Awakening to Oneness - Free Livestream Experience

We're really excited to share with you something that has touched the lives, development, and evolution of countless humans...

It’s called The Stargate Experience - and it offers deep meditative states that are accessed so simply and easily, even for those who have not meditated before.

There’s a new series called Awakening to Oneness - and it’s launching with a totally free livestream that will give you a wonder-ful experience of the high vibe energies and where they can take your consciousness. The free livestream is happening this Thursday, January 18th at 10 am Pacific Time. We would love to share this experience with you… You can sign up here!

The Stargate livestreams introduce you to channeled wisdom and guided energy meditations where participants feel their own energy elevating and start to open up to direct experiences of expanded states of consciousness, effortlessly. 

The most common experience is a feeling of joy, relaxation, and “buzzing” from the high-frequency energies. Almost everyone can feel the Stargate energies, which enables participants to tangibly sense the presence of the guides (Angels, Ascended Masters, Star Families) who are invited into the guided meditations.

Come and join us for the first glimpse of Awakening to Oneness HERE.

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