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"The self-realization of the individual is the key to our evolution as a collective."

About Asil Toksal

Asil receives and transmits transformational energy and spoken wisdom from higher and non-dual sources of consciousness. This benevolent energy and wisdom is an unconditional gift intended to support humanity’s evolution.

Asil set out to ensure this loving energy and perspective was made widely available. What started as individual, small group sessions and visits to nearby sacred sites, turned into massive gatherings with thousands of people joining from around the world and expeditions to some of the most powerful energetic locations on earth.  

Evolution One was established as a non-profit organization to support this mission. A team of visionaries came together. A flourishing community formed organically. Events and training programs were developed to support the individual’s journey toward self-realization.

As a result of these offerings, thousands of people have dedicated their lives to becoming “Pillars of Light” and living a life of greater alignment and service.

About Evolution One

Our mission is to empower, inspire and uplift individuals toward their highest potential by creating transformational and spiritual experiences which allow the individual to find deeper inner alignment and the innate power and peace within.

Evolution One is a non-profit organization established in the US as a 501(c)3 (DBA of “Ascension One Collective Inc.”), headquartered in California. It was established to assist individuals and the human collective during this time of great transformation. The organization is composed of a team of visionaries, joined together to create and sustain all the offerings provided to the community and to broadcast its message to as many people as possible.

Evolution One stands for the evolutionary journey we undergo to remember and embody our nature as one collective, as one consciousness, to internalize and live its highest potential. This realization is a reminder that the conscious evolution of one single individual has the potential to transform all of humanity.

Evolution One delivers energetic and consciousness-expanding experiences that catalyze and accelerate personal and collective evolution – the evolution of human consciousness. The organization is led by Asil Toksal who serves as both the visionary leader of Evolution One as well as a conduit of transformational energy and spoken wisdom from higher and non-dual sources of consciousness.

Evolution One offers its spoken wisdom and energy transmissions through personal development courses, integration support, gatherings, events, and expeditions.

In the interview episode, Reuben learns about Asil’s journey to become a channel, his channeling process, and the energies he is bringing through. The conversation leads toward a mission that was bestowed on Asil, and some of the challenges and miracles that have come with his work.

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Q: Is our depth of Silence & Presence related to our ability to become Conscious Creators?

Asil is a channeler of transformational energy and spoken wisdom from higher sources of non-dual consciousness. He... Read More