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Laura Quirke

Transformational Healer & Guide at Light Connectors
Los Gatos, California, 95030

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About Laura Quirke

Welcome! My name is Laura Quirke. I am a Transformational Healer and Coach.  I am blessed with a gift of being able to channel very high vibrational energy that enables my clients to experience miraculous healing and transformation on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In addition to this energy, I use a healing technique that I created called Sacred Heart Healing which has proven to be the fastest and most effective technique, delivering miraculous results.

Each session is powerful, yet very gentle, and the results are often immediate. Even people who have struggled from childhood trauma and life-threatening diseases have been healed in a single session. 

I specialize in helping people naturally heal cancer symptoms, physical & emotional pain, sports injuries, improve athletic performance, and menopause.

It would be my pleasure to help you heal completely, transform your life, and create a life that you love!

Some successful results experienced in the healing and coaching sessions are:

  • Heal symptoms and causes of diseases such as cancer
  • Eliminate physical and emotional pain
  • Heal injuries
  • Improve your athletic performance
  • Eliminate menopause symptoms
  • Heal shingles symptoms in days
  • Improve symptoms from diabetes
  • Improve symptoms from autoimmune diseases
  • Eliminate stress, anger, fear, resentment, depression, hurt
  • Heal physical & emotional trauma
  • Heal balance issues - body, hormones, chemistry
  • Improve sleep
  • Look and feel younger, healthier, and vibrant
  • Heal and attract healthy, loving relationships
  • Become a master manifestor
  • Remove blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Remove heartwall
  • Remove entities, implants, and unhealthy cords
  • Remove viruses and unhealthy bacteria
  • Remove heavy metals and toxins
  • Create success, well-being and happiness
  • Love and forgive yourself and others unconditionally
  • Chakra healing
  • Soul healing - retrieve missing soul fragments
  • Awaken and become more enlightened
  • Access and enhance your intuition
  • Activate gifts
  • Access akashic records and clear karma
  • Communicate with guides and deceased loved ones
  • Raise your vibration
  • Change the outcome of events
  • Create what you want in your life

Healing Sessions process:

During the healing session, I use a healing technique that I created called Sacred Heart Healing along with the powerful energy that I channel to achieve the desired results. Throughout the session, I direct that powerful energy to transform and heal the related elements (fears, traumas, beliefs, emotions, etc) and heal the physical symptoms. I use various methods to remove harmful things in the body, energetically change the DNA to heal genetic issues, use an energetic stem cell technique to repair damaged parts of the body, and much more.

I look forward to the opportunity to help you heal completely, transform your life, and manifest your heart's desires!

Most Popular Sessions Offered 

Sessions can be scheduled at

(see for additional sessions offered)

'Heal Now' Session (Cost: $240; 50 minutes by phone)
An extremely effective healing session using a technique created by Laura called Sacred Heart Healing. These sessions will help you identify and change limiting beliefs; heal your mind, body, heart, and soul; heal injuries, diseases, and trauma; open your intuitive gifts; and manifest the life you desire. 

Remote Daily Healing (Cost $222; daily remote healing for 1 month with 10 minute evaluation call)
Remote Daily Healing is a perfect way to receive healing energy on a daily basis that will help you keep your vibration high which will enable all areas of your life to transform and heal with ease while keeping you in the zone of flow. When you are able to stay in the zone, life flows with ease. In addition to receiving this very high vibrational energy every morning , once a month (sometime during the 4th week is recommended) we will do a private 10 minute call on the phone to evaluate your healing & transformation progress.  

On the day that you sign up for this, please write down how you are feeling with the current issues that you would like to have healed so that you can compare how you feel at the end of the month. It would also be very valuable before falling asleep every night and/or when waking up in the morning to identify all of the things that you are grateful for such as any improvements you are noticing. Your healing and transformation will accelerate even faster when you recognize, acknowledge, and focus on the progress. You can state to yourself, "Thank you for the healing, miracles, blessings, magic, love, etc. that I noticed today such as...".

'Heal Now' Session with Remote Daily Healing (Cost $444; 50 minutes by phone plus daily remote healing for 1 month with 10 minute evaluation call)
This combination of a 50 minute personal healing session along with a month of Remote Daily Healing has proven to be extremely effective. In the healing session, often the desired healing is achieved right away. But sometimes after going back to daily life, old patterns can enable symptoms to start to reappear.

The daily remote healing will enable you to keep your vibration high which helps the healing and transformation to take hold. In addition to receiving this very high vibrational energy every morning , once a month (sometime during the 4th week is recommended) we will do a private 10 minute call on the phone to evaluate your healing & transformation progress.

Life Transformation Sessions (Cost: $999 per month; 50 minutes/week, 4 weeks plus daily remote healing)
Heal, Transform, & Manifest your Ideal Life!
This is a monthly program to help transform your life through healing, coaching, and manifesting. We will be doing a 50 minute Healing & Coaching session 4 times a month. In addition, you will receive 10 minutes of remote healing daily to enable you to keep your vibration high every day. For best results, it is recommended to continue for 6 months. 

    Company Details

  • Year Established
  • 2001
  • Accepted Forms of Payments
  • Venmo: @LauraQuirke
    ​Zelle: 408-568-8625
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Laura Quirke Reviews

Submitted by Jacquelene on 08/13/2022

Amazing Healer!

Overall Rating

Laura Quirk is an amazing healer! I have worked with her on and off for about 7 years and I have never met anyone with her powerful ability to instantaneously heal whatever ails me. Whether it is an on-coming cold that she instantaneously clears or deeper health or emotional issues, Laura is always the person I turn to for healing and clarity.Laura has the true heart of a healer. She is very kind and compassionate and truly wants to heal each one of her clients and the world. And she is tenacious and never gives up! Even when I've had issues resistant to healing, Laura has always been right there finding another pathway to healing. I feel very blessed to have her on my journey. She has helped me navigate some of the hardest times of my life. I trust her implicitly. 

Submitted by B. Boylan on 07/12/2022

Taming Type 1 Diabetes and Neuropathy

Overall Rating

I have lived with Type 1 Diabetes for 52 years and I wear an insulin pump to manage blood glucose. Through one distant session, Laura aided my body to process insulin more efficiently.  After Laura's healing session, I noticed my body didn't need quite as much insulin.I began to notice that my body was more sensitive to insulin. I have personally reduced 1/3rd insulin adjustment per carbohydrate gram.  It seems practically crazy to have such phenomenon happen, but it is true. I still have Type 1 Diabetes, so constant control is necessary. I have not yet shared this information with my physician, yet my blood glucose reports continue to show incredible results. I also noticed the neuropathy in my feet was completely eliminated. I no longer experience that horrific shock, tingling, and numbness in my feet!.My experience with Laura was easy and a miraculous improvement in my body’s ability to process insulin and elimination of Diabetic neuropathy.Thank you Laura!

Submitted by Annese on 07/12/2022

Consistent Improvement, personal growth & healing

Overall Rating

I have worked with Laura over the past 15 years on a range of health, emotional  & personal issues.Much of my growth and healing is attributed  to the loving, open & non judgmental space she holds during her sessions, regardless of the "ask". Laura is patient and kind in her approach, providing ample opportunity to keep returning to issues that often seem baffling or entrenched in my belief system. With this ongoing treatment I have been able to manifest healing of certain health issues almost immediately. Others have needed longer periods or may return & require additional healing sessions.Regardless...I have been the beneficiary of much healing & personal growth over time.Thank you Laura!

Submitted by Crista “Mo'orea” Collins on 07/01/2022

Miraculous Healing & More!

Overall Rating

Laura is the most gifted healer I have ever met!  She channels a very high vibration that has provided instant healing, cleared blocks and activated my gifts to a whole new level!  Laura has supported me in several physical healings, including a shingles outbreak on my neck that completely dissipated in two days!  She has also guided me in releasing several energetic blocks that were causing anxiety and stress, and as a a result I released twelve pounds in one month!   Laura is extremely detailed and asks very specific questions during our sessions which has brought precision to understanding my own unique gifts and signature.  Since we have been working together my psychic/medium gifts have been heightened and I have accessed new modalities to bring to my own clients.  I now have even more confidence in my ability to get accurate information and divine guidance to help others heal.  Laura's ability to see the incredible potential in me and activate my abilities has changed my life.  

Submitted by Nicole Keating on 06/08/2022

Laura is the Real Deal!

Overall Rating

Laura has been an incredible ally in my recent world. She has helped me to heal a persistent pain in my forearm that had been there for months in one in person session! I have also worked with her online and her work is quantum and can be done in the field or on zoom. She has deeply supported the healing and alchemy in my love relationship as well.  Laura’s gift is quantum powerful and unparalleled; she channels directly from Source to heal all things in the body spirit and situations in your life. I feel so blessed and grateful to have Laura on my team of angels as I show up and do big work in the world!- Nicole Keating

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