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Mo’orea is a gifted Psychic Medium and Healer! She receives such clear guidance and information from the other side. There are many psychics but Mo’orea is the real deal. -Laura Quirke, Transformational Healer

About Moorea

Infinite Love & Light to You

The fact that you are here is no coincidence. It is a testament to the divine order and timing that orchestrates all aspects of life.  If you are reading these words, it is not by chance. You are here for a reason.

Welcome Home . . . to YOUR Truth!

This is a place where you are empowered to embrace your authenticity and embody your true self.

“Healing is the Heart of Transformation.” 

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Mo’orea possesses profound expertise as a Coach, Psychic Medium, Energy Healer and Epigenetic Practitioner, specializing in channeling clear intuitive guidance and divine wisdom.  She is gifted with a unique capability to receive accurate guidance, particularly during pivotal moments in life, to provide specific direction and clarity whether it be business, finances, health or relationships.  Integrating her gifts with a deep awareness and understanding of their genetic fingerprint, which enables them to make intentional lifestyle choices for optimal health in body, mind, and spirit.  Furthermore, she guides them to embrace their authenticity, allowing them to fully see and embody their true selves so they may live in a state of boundless joy and infinite possibility.

"When truth becomes your guiding light, authenticity becomes your essence, illuminating every aspect of your life.”  -Mo’orea 

Offerings by Mo’orea

One-on-One Private Coaching
If you crave an abundance of love, unwavering  confidence, more joy, increased wealth, strengthened relationships, profound healing, as well as an elevated experience  of yourself, your power, your business, and your intuition, then One-on-One Private Coaching is for you. Mo’orea generously shares her gifts, resources, and expertise to lead you to a life transformed! You will emerge in a state of liberation, deep connection, unshakable confidence, vibrant vitality, authentic self-expression, and you will be deeply enamored with the life you are consciously creating. Mo’orea is filled with anticipation to witness the revelation of your sacred truth and to provide unwavering support as you collaboratively create the next chapter of your journey. Three month and eleven month options available.  Book Your FREE Exploratory Session

Medical Mediumship & Energy Healing
Whether you wish to heal anything from heartbreak to a physical ailment Mo’orea will assist you in healing and releasing pain and suffering.  She uses a combination of Reiki Energy Healing, Heart Coherence as well as her personally channeled higher chakra system to facilitate healing while utilizing her psychic/medium abilities to provide messages and guidance to support your healing journey. She may also channel methods you can continue after the session to support your healing process. Book Now 

Channeled Personal Reading
Come with your questions and Mo’orea holds sacred space as she partners with you, your guides, and the angelic realms for specific guidance to support what is ready to be revealed in your life. She uses her psychic/medium abilities for you to receive clarity and actionable steps to support your journey.  Book Now

Intuitive Business Reading
Using her psychic skills Mo’orea can support birthing your new business, business decision-making or workplace issues by bringing incredible value, insight, clarity and understanding to the process.  Looking outside the box for insight and direction can be the missing factor. Sometimes it can be difficult to get clarity on an issue, to step back far enough from the problem to access the solution or find the way forward. Whatever the reason, Mo’orea supports the process to help spark creative thinking, develop vision or gain insight and clarity into whatever issue may be arising.  She has the unique ability to connect the dots and guide you in the art of engaging in transformational conversations to support your next steps. Book Now

Channeled Group Reading & Healing
Perfect for three to five friends who wish to come together for a reading and a healing experience with Mo’orea. The container is established with the intention that everything revealed during the sessions supports the journey of the individuals and the collective. Each group is unique, therefore, each person can choose to receive an individual reading and/or the group can receive a collective reading followed by a healing.  When friends or family members come together they are connected by the heart and activations can be facilitated to elevate understanding, appreciation and unconditional love in the present and to other timelines in which the individuals are connected. There may also be a channeled method or process that will be shared to support the group.  Book Now

Quantum Leap DNA Activation
Give yourself a break. You’ve been doing doing doing to the point of burnout and you know there has to be a different way. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? What if you gave yourself the opportunity to pause, observe and shift from the pain of the past and frustrations of the present to experiencing a completely new way of being. Epigenetics is the science of how your lifestyle and environment affects your genetic expression and this session is an invitation for you to activate your DNA step into a new timeline. One where you get to choose freely, transform into a higher expression of you and live a life that you love. Mo’orea partners with you, your guides and the angelic realms for specific guidance to support what is ready to be revealed in your life. Your initial session includes an intuitive reading, transformative initiation and a guided meditation to activate your DNA. Are you ready? The new frequency awaits you! There will be no looking back from this day onward, and your life will change once and for all. Book Now

Epigenetic Health Coaching


Have you been experiencing any of the following?

- Do you feel fatigue or brain fog?
- Are you unable to be fully present in certain areas of your life?
- Are you carrying extra and uncomfortable weight?
- Have you tried adjusting your nutrition and stress management, but the fad diets and current health trends aren’t working?
- Are you tired of the confusing and contradictory health information, but somewhere there is nowhere to find what works exactly for your body?
- Are you frustrated that you’ve tried everything and spent countless dollars on your health, but with no lasting results? 

Perhaps you’ve forgotten what feeling good feels like!  
If so…you may be ready to learn about your unique DNA fingerprint which gives you an exact map to your health and vitality.  

Your DNA holds the keys!  
Did you know that your unique and divine genetic fingerprint offers messages for your highest and greatest good?  What if you had a user manual for your own body?

Mo’orea is the Founder of humanami, Inc.  She and Team humanami are Certified Epigenetic Health Coaches specializing in coaching you to understand your genetic fingerprint so you can make choices for optimal health in body, mind, and spirit.  Want to learn more?  

Visit the humanami website

"The magnitude of the impact for personal healing transcends timelines. It is a deeply experiential and transformative personal process that also heals generations." -Mo’orea

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All sessions are virtual via phone or zoom. In person sessions are available in some instances by request. 

What Mo’orea’s clients are saying:
Miraculous Healing  

"I had the honor of receiving a reading and physical healing with Mo’orea.  I had been dealing with knee pain for about three years in varying degrees.  At times, major flare ups would occur with very sharp pain and I could not straighten my leg.  I could feel the ligament sliding off the joint, which was extremely uncomfortable and painful.  The healing I received for my knee was validated several days later when I attended a live concert and was able to jump and dance for hours free of any pain that night or thereafter.  Although I can still feel the ligament move on occasion, I have had ZERO PAIN SINCE!  I am incredibly grateful for Mo’orea.  Her grace and poignancy during my session is commendable.  I look forward to experiencing more of her magic."
-Jeremy Saccardi, Executive Chef

Attracting Wealth
“I’ve never noticed more change from a single session with anyone...EVER!  Immediately after the session with Mo’orea, I saw four or five license plates in a row with angel numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444, 555.  In that moment, I knew something really big had shifted in my life. Within a week, I had a dream which led to the clarity and inspiration to speak up to my boss after 3 1/2 years and had the confidence to tell him how unappreciated and unhappy I have felt in my job. This resulted in me getting a SIGNIFICANT RAISE and a PROMOTION that landed me a new role which I really enjoy.  I also started receiving RANDOM GIFTS of MONEY from unexpected sources that have never been a source of money before. It felt like a portal opened, and money blocks were instantaneously dissolved within the one session with Mo’orea."
-Jessie Quirke, Fashion Entrepreneur

Weight Loss
hrough humanami Coaching, I learned the specific things about my DNA to keep myself healthy. With epigenetics I've become more aware of my body’s needs and I LOST AN INCREDIBLE 72 POUNDS IN SIX MONTHS! Beyond just the numbers on the scale, I noticed that it became much easier to do daily physical activities that had once felt challenging such as tying my shoes and going up and down the stairs.”

-Cal H., Retired 

Clarity of Purpose
"Mo’orea held a very sacred space during my Quantum Leap DNA Activation. I felt the whole world stand still as I got to land in a new way of being.  I had the opportunity to slow down and push pause on the million things I was doing in order to clearly release what I was ready to let go of and call in and activate. I felt my whole nervous system relax as we went through this sacred “rite of passage” as she invited me to choose a better outcome, greater joy and a whole new expression.  Mo’orea’s psychic guidance was tapped into Spirit as I knew the answers she was providing were just for me! I now have a ton of clarity around how to move forward in my life and business."
-Nicole Keating, Soulpreneur

Desire some of these outcomes in your own life?

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About Mo’orea

Mo’orea is a conduit between Heaven and Earth. She embodies a deep desire to bridge science and spirituality in a way that is both magical and practical. In her pursuit of truth, she has spent the last twenty-five years in deep inquiry into numerous spiritual traditions, energetic and physical, and is adept in a variety of healing modalities. Some of these topics and modalities include psychic abilities, mediumship, channeling, Reiki energy healing, coherence healing, crystal healing, sound healing, meditation, the Divine Feminine Movement, Unity Consciousness, phot biomodulation (light therapy), brain health/brain neuromodulation, plant medicine, quantum physics, epigenetics, spiritual epigenetics, crystalline DNA mastery and more.

Mo’orea’s commitment to healing and transformation is balanced with business world proficiency: she has a Bachelors of Science with an extensive background in business development and relationship focused sales. As a result, she embodies wisdom to provide a multi-dimensional array of offerings by infusing practical tools with the magic of Source! Mo’orea is gifted with a unique capacity to understand an individual's needs physically, emotionally and spiritually and receives accurate guidance, particularly during pivotal moments in life, to provide specific direction and clarity whether it be business, finance, health or relationships.  As a vast wellspring of resources and tools, she empowers her clients with a profound awareness of their genetic fingerprint, which enables them to make intentional lifestyle choices for optimal health in body, mind, and spirit. Furthermore, she guides them to embrace their authenticity, allowing them to fully embody their true selves and live in a state of boundless joy and infinite possibility. 

“I light up about collaborating with inspired individuals who are enthusiastic about activating their ultimate potential and view their own personal transformation as a vessel for creating a better world. I invite you the infinite possibilities for your life and I am so excited to guide and empower you on your journey!”  -Mo’orea

Trust your intuition. 
You are here for a reason . . .

Consider this your sacred invitation to connect with Mo’orea.

Embrace the freedom to say yes, guided  solely by your inner desire. Let your truth be your compass and trust that divine calling that resonates deeply within you.

Readings, Healings & Activations 
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One-on-One Coaching 
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“As a pure heart you are as precious to the world as a single dandelion is to itself.  You blow to the top of it and all the seeds scatter everywhere it needs to go.  You are complete and whole unto yourself.  Your breath is touching every form of life as your breath of life…just by existing.”  -Mo’orea

May the Light Guide You to Illuminate Your Truth

P.S. If you have a question email Mo’orea’s team at divinity@moorea.love

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Moorea Review

Submitted by Carolyn K. on 02/13/2024


Overall Rating

Mo’orea is a great spiritual and energy healer. I felt that after spending my first 10 minutes with her. She is very compassionate, a good listener and good communicator in general who cares about people. 

Submitted by Harmony B. on 05/26/2023

Truly gifted and connected healer!

Overall Rating

Mo’orea is truly a gifted and connected healer! I immediately received confirmation when she mentioned Mother Mary and Green Tara, the two goddess cards that I carry with me all the time - WOW! During my session she was able to provide guidance that I was unable to access myself. Mo’orea helped me witness my patterns around where I was giving my power away.  She helped me recognize I was blocking the relationship with my son and it was my responsibility to soften and be in my heart. After my session, my son and I started having conversations we haven’t had in a very long time! I also received healing that enabled me to release many of the things that have blocked me from more love, peace and freedom in my life. The days following my session, Mo’orea was kind of enough to stay in contact to ensure I was supported. I highly recommend Mo’orea for anyone seeking intuitive support and healing.

Submitted by Logan Cook on 05/24/2023

Immensely helpful and clarifying!

Overall Rating

Mo'orea has been extremely helpful in giving me complete clarity on various issues in my life. I really appreciate the direct and specific knowledge of myself I am gaining from my sessions with her. It's really amazing getting great advice from my guides via Mo'orea on issues I have struggled to resolve for a long time. This advice has led to a substantial improvement in my day-to-day life. 

Submitted by Marc Alexander on 05/24/2023

Working with Mo'orea was absolutely fantastic!

Overall Rating

Mo'orea has a very warm, compassionate energy and was easy to talk with right from the discovery call. By the end of the discovery call, I could tell her style resonated with me and I felt like her guidance was first-rate. Mo'orea's a good listener and very heart-centered. There is an air of humility about her as she receives her spirit communication, and you can tell that she loves to be of service as a healer. Mo'orea was great at communicating with me, and she was quick to respond. She also understands the "woo-woo" quite well, easily disposing of large negative non-physicals in our work together, among other things. The health (and mental health) benefits I got from the healings I received were substantial and I am very grateful to have found her as a healer!

Submitted by Laura Quirke on 06/15/2022

A very gifted psychic/medium who receives clear guidance and info from the other side

Overall Rating

Crista is a gifted psychic/medium and healer! She receives such clear guidance and information from the other side. Through her, I have been able to communicate with my divine team, loved ones who have passed away, and even inner earth beings. The information that she receives during our sessions is very specific. I have been able to receive messages from a friend who recently passed, as well as specific information about foods to avoid that cause inflammation in my body, as well as guidance to support lineage healing for me and my children. Also, with my healing abilities and Crista’s psychic/medium abilities, we have been able to discover together more and more ways that we can help others which is so much fun! There are many psychics but Crista is the real deal. With her gift and her loving compassion to help others, she will guide you with such clarity to help you create your heart’s desires.

Reply From Moorea

To all my profile visitors, I am so grateful for this review from Laura.  Should there be any confusion about my name I wanted to mention that my legal name is Crista Collins, as Laura addresses me in this review.  I typically go by my spiritual name, Mo’orea.  Thanks!

Submitted by Nicole Keating on 06/03/2022

Tangible Supportive Aligned Advice for Navigating My Life

Overall Rating

Mo'orea is a really gifted psychic.  I have come to her now several times when I have had complex interpersonal challenges to navigate through.  These are the things I often support people through but when it's you its totally different.  She receives through a really clear channel and gets specific messages that yield tangible results that translate to real life.  I am so grateful to have her as my secret weapon in my life and business!-Nicole Keating

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