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Renee Blodgett & Anthony Compagnone, Channelers of Yeshua, Magdalene & Ascended Masters

Founders, Healers, Authors, Channelers at Blue Soul Earth®
San Francisco, California

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"It’s a sacred experience every time we gather from around the world. My inner strength, confidence & courage through their membership programs. Their channeling of Mary Magdalene & Yeshua is nothing short of miraculous!" E. Graff, Consultant

About Renee Blodgett & Anthony Compagnone, Channelers of Yeshua, Magdalene & Ascended Masters

Have you ever connected to an ancient wisdom keeper, teacher or author and wanted to dive deeper? Have you ever wanted more of your questions answered in a way that makes sense to you, beyond what science can currently explain? Are you curious about both the worlds of science and spirituality and want to learn more about how they meet? Do you feel as if you're not aligned with your career, purpose or relationship? Are you ready to start creating a new canvas for your life but one where your soul is in charge of the path?

Anthony and Renee channel Higher Dimensional Beings, which include ascended masters, archangels, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Melchizedek, Metatron, Galactic energies and more. Through their teachings, channelings, energy healing sessions and transmissions and courses, they aim to help one soul at a time open up to their full potential. In sessions, you can expect past and present soul retrieval, Akashic Record readings, going deeper into your soul’s purpose, past lives and future ones, a better understanding of quantum consciousness and quantum fields and how what we’re all doing here matters more than you think.  

Although Spirit connects and works through both of this twin flame duo, Anthony fully embodies the energies that come through to teach, which means that they can see, touch, hear, smell and even taste through him. A rare form of channeling, you’ll have the ability to ask your questions to these special light energy guides. These beautiful energies and deities, including their main guides - Yeshua and Mary Magdalene -- will come through to answer your questions, using ancient wisdom that relates to the here and now in modern times. 

How does some of this ancient wisdom relate to today’s reality? Our guides tell us all the time that we are nothing and we are everything. This pertains to a reality that is hard to get our heads around in a world that revolves around linear thinking. In a world where quantum physics explains our very existence here, there and everywhere, you’ll learn how the reality we’re living in now is just one of countless ones, all of which are happening simultaneously. There is no past, future or good and evil in the world of quantum consciousness. 

There just IS – everything and nothing. While we may just be grains of salt in the context of the much bigger universe in which we inhabit, our intentions, decisions and vibrations affect every living and breathing thing, from the plants, trees, animals, birds, and insects to the soil under our feet and the oceans on our planet. But, did you realize that our level of consciousness also impacts other planets and even universes? 

Learn how we are all interconnected. If you believe in a connected world, resonate with the idea of Oneness and want to ignite global consciousness, then their transformative work is for you. Please visit for more details bluesoulearth.com

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Founders of 5 businesses & initiatives: Blue Soul Earth, Magic Sauce Media, We Blog the World, Speech Synergy and Traveling Geeks

MA in Speech & Language
BMSED Bilingual Speech & Language Pathology
TEDxBerkeley Curator/Producer
Editor of award-winning travel magazine platform
BA in Communications
CAM Diploma (London)
LCCI Diploma International Marketing
Solas Reiki Masters
Usui Reiki Certifications
Holy Fire Reiki Certifications
Pythagorean Healing
Platonic Healing
Edgar Cayce Egyptian Healing
Sound Healing Certifications
Kung Fu and Chinese Kempo
Dan Black Belt Chinese Kempo Sifu
Black Sash in Shippalgi Korean Kung Fu
Master of Iron Palm Training
Specialist in Combat Sports, Physical Fitness
“Prana Yama” The Art of Breath Control” Specialist
Ordained Ministers
Certified in FEMME Somatic Dance from the Emotional Institute
Authors of five photo books on travel and six eBooks on Spirituality

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Blue Soul Earth®
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Blue Soul Earth® Company Logo by Renee Blodgett & Anthony Compagnone, Channelers of Yeshua, Magdalene & Ascended Masters in San Francisco CA
San Francisco, California
United States
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