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Glastonbury, UK

Transport yourself back to Avalon, a time of magic, myths & legends - and open the birth of a new way! The magic of this place has always been a place of potent cosmic forces, the root of the Spirit runs deep in the place of the heart chakra. The days of Avalon, King Arthur, Merlin, Stonehenge, Joseph of Arimathea and the Holy Grail are now the crossroads to many transformative doorways and paths where the veil is thin and accessible for initiations. Are you ready to uncover the Holy Grail within? Come on along with me on this Spiritual Adventure of a lifetime - I promise you won't ever be the same again!  So if you are feeling led to experience profound change in your life, this is the path....I hope you'll consider when spirit calls - you answer!  See more details on the website or call for more information and the brochure!


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Glastonbury, UK

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